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huffman符号化は可逆なので、huffman tableを調整したとしてもhuffman符号化による画質の差はないはず。


Implementing ContentProvider is a pain in the ass especially when SQL's JOIN is used in the ContentProvider. It's much easy to access SQLite database directly.

It's not difficult to create a Loader to access SQLite database in place of CursorLoader.  

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Android 5.0(Lollipop)では現状Go(が落ちますが、とりあえず落ちなくするパッチです。

--- a/src/runtime/malloc.c Tue Dec 02 14:39:23 2014 +1100
+++ b/src/runtime/malloc.c Wed Dec 03 23:30:47 2014 +0900
@@-199,6 +199,8 @@
  // of address space, which is probably too much in a 32-bit world.
  bitmap_size = MaxArena32 / (sizeof(void*)*8/4);
  arena_size = 512<<20;
+ bitmap_size /= 4;
+ arena_size /= 4;
  spans_size = MaxArena32 / PageSize * sizeof(runtime·mheap.spans[0]);
  if(limit > 0 && arena_size+bitmap_size+spans_size > limit) {
  bitmap_size = (limit / 9) & ~((1<<PageShift) - 1);

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I like the idea of using protocol buffer to pass data between Java and C. It simplifies a code drastically. As a bonus, it's a little bit faster than Pojo JNI.

#Android  #Jni

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Android Studio now uses Gradle daemon the way it's supposed to do. It's been a irritating bug that made build time around 15 secs longer without any reason.
Prior to version 0.6.0 there was a severe bug in Android Studio, where Gradle daemons were kept alive for 1 minute. This means that pretty much every project build or sync created a new Gradle daemon (a pretty expensive operation.)
In Android 0.6.0 we fixed that: Gradle daemons are kept alive for 3 hours (the default value.) This fix will make it possible for project builds to reuse daemons.
We'd appreciate if you could please pay extra attention to build performance and let us know if you perceive any improvements.

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Golang won't come to Android anytime soon.

At 33:20 of the GopherCon video, Brad says he would add Android and iOS support if he would add one thing to the toolchain. That means there's no plan to support #Android in #golang at least for now.
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