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Courier of the Crypts
2D puzzle-exploration-action game with a twist.
2D puzzle-exploration-action game with a twist.

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Winner of the Courier of the Crypts competition is Lamoot.
Secret map was found after all (today!)  ^_^
Now, is there someone out there that can fight his score?

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When I was pushing the game content I had to cut some corners like doing less polishing and I even let some bugs slip into the game. Because of that I've decided to do a bigger patch that fixes most of the known bugs and add some polishing to the game.

Patch notes here:

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I'm a bit late but guess what, there's a COMPETITION going on in Courier of the Crypts for the Steam users.
- Find the first secret map in the game that was just recently added
- Be on the top of the secret map leaderboards by the August 17th.
So far, noone found the map ;)

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Watch the new Let's Play of the latest update. There is also a Giveaway waiting for you :)

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Content Update 3 is live on Steam! :)
• New Map - Enchanted Library
• New tool to use - Magic Seeds
• New achievements
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Get a Courier of the Crypts from official website for 10% off! 
4 days left, DRM Free + Steam key included
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Announcement: Content Update #2 is out! :)
- New map : Jail Cells
- Steam Achievements

Learn more about the secret cultists and find your way through the dark Jail Cells.

ontent update is postponed to tomorrow. Everything is finished but I need to polish out few thing. One of the testers just finished a test run of the map and by his words the map is great from various points. So, until tomorrow and sorry for the delay :)

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I'm not sure if you're after achievements or not but nonetheless, they are going live tomorrow with the content update :)

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It looks like I forgot to post latest dev blog update here. Woopsie :)
It's almost 2 weeks old but hey, rather later than never right?
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