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Glad I could be involved!

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Think we can order these in green? #ingresswear 

Hey +Ingress +NIA Ops
Just wanted to say thanks and you're all doing a great job.
That's all. ^_^ 

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Hello I'm Vysken, AKA Mike the Mole, Smurf Recruiter of the North. Please use my full title when addressing me if you choose the latter option.

I have memorised the longest city name in the world and survived multiple paper cuts. I'm also a Tranquility Boulder enthusiast and regularly pray to it to further aid hindering Smurfs in the Greater Manchester region.

When not acting as a liaison between a multi cultural community and their landlord(s), I spend my time pretending to be a fashion guru, secretly influencing the younger generation to don green apparel.


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Minimalist Enlightened #ingresswear  business/clearance cards.

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Am I too late?
Minimalist #ingresswear Enlightened apparel.
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