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Heads up! One of our clients with severe allergies just pulled the carpet out at her home in favor of very expensive wood flooring. Unfortunately, the company who provided the wood floor installation did not use a solvent free adhesive. Needless to say, our client's physical reaction was not very pretty and she is now tearing the entire floor out. Please be careful when taking on these kind of projects and first research the environmental impacts.

I'm often asked "Why can't I lose weight? I watch what I eat. When I go out, I only have a few drinks." I then ask, "what do you drink"? You would be surprised just how many calories are in your favorite cocktail and how they add up. The following is a short list I thought I might share with you:

1.     Long Island Iced Tea – 540 calories (Big Mac at MD)
2.     White Russian – 425 calories (large fries)
3.     Sex on the Beach – 270 calories 
4.     Mud Slide – 556 calories
1.     Vodka with Red Bull – 200 calories
2.     Cosmopolitan – 200 calories
3.     Screwdriver – 190 calories ( do not drink anything with orange juice. So dangerous for your blood sugar)
4.     Caiparinhi – 240 calories
5.     Caipiroska – 250 calories
6.     Black Russian – 250 calories
7.     Screaming Orgasm – 260 calories
8.     Kamikaze – 175 calories
9.     Vodka and Tonic – 200 calories
1.     Bloody Mary – 118 calories
2.     Vodka and Diet Coke – 65 calories
3.     Green Apple Martini – 148 calories
4.     Vodka with sugar-free Red Bull – 80 calories
5.     Vodka and tomato juice – 95 calories
6.     Vodka and soda – 80 calories
Even with lower calories drinks if you multiply by 9 (for example) , this is how many additional calories you need to exercise off. 
One hour on the treadmill is 300 calories. 
Plus, alcohol is actually stored in your liver. The body uses these empty calories much easier for energy (the ATP production) and leaves the other extra calories only for fat storage. Makes sense?

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It's our 5th Year in Newport Beach today! Welcome to Dimitri Gruer, LAc as our full time Acupuncturist and TCM practitioner!

Thank you to my staff and all my supporters/patrons. I'm here because of you.

BYA: Statins Increase Risk of Diabetes Mellitus in Men
"A study published in May 2015 reports that statin medications increase the risk of diabetes. Statins are among the most prescribed medications. The National Center for Health Statistics reports that from 1988-1994 to 2005-2008, the use of statin drugs by adults 45 years of age and over increased ten-fold. In 2005-2008, one-half of men and just over one-third of women 65-74 years of age took a statin drug in the previous 30 days."

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Short Intro to our Practice

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Dr. Larisa Gruer
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