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I'm doing some experimentation trying to get my Google and my FB Last American page to work together.

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Why? Let them grow up. If it's so great, you don't need to advertise it.

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The Democrats have learned that they can lie all they want and the same mind-numbed parrots just keep voting for them.

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I'm sorry, folks, and Facebook, but there are only two sexes. There are those who have both organs but a chemical test can solve that question. If you think you're a third sex, I'll take a look but I'm probably going to decide as one of two possibilities.

"Iran is considered one of the worst countries in the world on women’s rights, ranking 137th out of 142 countries in the latest Global Gender Gap Index of the World Economic Forum." So guess what country is now represented on the board of UN Women?

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If you think the Democrat Party cares about blacks, you'd better read this summary of how Republicans and Democrats have voted through the years. The Democrat Party just uses blacks and women and illegal alien s, etc. to play with your emotions. They have no intention of correcting anything. They need that race card to pull out every time anyone so much as disagree with a president who just happens to be black.

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We need these 32 hardliners. Read each of their comments and you'll know more about what's going on in Washington than the media will ever tell you.
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