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Charlotte Christian School just posted a Lower School Instructional Technology Facilitator position for the 2018-19 school year. You may find information about this position at the link below. Click on the LS Instructional Technology Facilitator title to see the job description. 

Dr. +Carmen Weaver, on the Scholarly Project; do we need to leave the heading titles? For example, for Abstract (APA H1) - do we leave "(APA H1)". They are in the example from our content but they are not in the example outline given. Is this what you mean in the rubric within the column that states:

"All components (except the running head and title page)use APA styles named as noted in the assignment, that you created with the MS Word Style tool."

I just want to make sure I understand the assignment.

Thanks in advance!

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I used Google Docs with simple bullets for the job aid. It took awhile because I wasn't sure what to include. I tried to only include what I struggled with most often when using the APA format.

Dr. +Carmen Weaver, for the APA job aid; are you expecting us to create an extremely detailed aid with bulleted lists of the information in our APA manual? I know that you said in the video to make it our own style but I would like to make a job aid that I can copy each time I create a document to ensure that everything I create is formatted correctly. Therefore; should I be extremely detailed or just use the simple information that I need most often?

Dr. +Carmen Weaver, for the Annotated Bibliography assignment: are you asking that we create an account with a reference software (like EndNote or Mendeley) and send you a link to the folder within that software on a document uploaded to eCourseware? I just want to make sure that I am understanding the assignment.  

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This is a draft of the research interest profile. I was not sure about the format needed. Any feedback is welcome!

Hello everyone. My name is Kaylah Holland and this is my first class as a doctoral student in IDT at UofM. I live in Charlotte, NC and am a middle school technology facilitator at a private K12 school. I absolutely love my job and my crazy coworkers. One unique thing about me is that I have run 20 full marathons. I didn't love running when I started but somewhere along the way became hooked. It is a great way to destress.

I'm excited for this course and to meet all of you! Cheers!

I just graduated with a Masters in IDT from UofM! I am excited to continue my education at the doctoral level in the IDT program.

I am currently a Middle School Instructional Technology Facilitator and love my job.

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Great read! 

"When today’s elementary students are 40, they’ll remember iPads the way (many of us) remember cassette tapes. It will be funny that they used to hold large, heavy glass rectangles in their hands, and had to open up apps separately. And had to know which app did what. And had to “Google” information. And sometimes weren’t even connected to the internet because WiFi signals were unreliable." 

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