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Bad News to Those Who Like Grapefruit Juice!

Grapefruit juice is a flavorful drink that goes well with most dishes.
It is rich in vitamin C and it doesn’t have a lot of calories either.

However, there’s another side to grapefruit juice.

According to the Journal of Nature Medicine, grapefruit juice can negatively interact with certain medications. It can cause a possible drug overdose by canceling out a chemical in the intestine that is responsible for breaking down the drug’s components.

Secure the right diet plan when taking medications with the help of Modern Home Health Care, Inc.

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Did You Know that the Food You Eat Interacts with the Medicine You Take?

Take green leafy vegetables, for example.

Sure, they are a healthy addition to any diet, but they can interfere with the therapeutic effect of blood-thinning drugs such as warfarin. If you eat too much of it while taking warfarin, you could be in danger of blood clots.

This is why it is important for you to commit to a diet that will coincide with the medication you take.
Ask a dietitian from Modern Home Health Care, Inc. to create the best nutrition plan for you.

#ProperDiet #Healthcare
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 Home-Cooked Meals Are the Best

Don’t you agree? Not only are they filling and delicious, they’re a lot healthier too.
If you miss having home-cooked meals, a friendly carer from Modern Home Health Care, Inc. will help you cook one. Schedule an appointment with us today!

#HomeCare #HealthCare

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Do You Need a Doctor’s Say So to Start Physical Therapy?

You may have had this concern on the back of your mind for a long time now.
Well, you’re not the only one. A lot of people share the same thoughts with you.

However, in the majority of states here in America, you don’t actually need to get a doctor’s prescription for physical therapy. It is a free access service that will help you improve your mobility and increase your muscle strength at the same time.

Get in touch with Modern Home Health Care, Inc. to know more!

#PhysicalTherapy #HomeHealth
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Are You Scared of Injections?

That fear of medical procedures (injections and needles included) is termed as “Trypanophobia”.

This type of fear is commonly caused by a bad childhood experience with needles, which can create an impression that lasts until adulthood.

If you’re afraid of injections, you can try desensitizing yourself by reading up on the procedure.
The more familiar you are with the process, the less likely you will be caught off-guard.

Another way you can overcome your fear is by having your injections done at home by professionals from Modern Home Health Care, Inc.
#Injections #HomeHealth #Healthcare
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Get an X-Ray Right at Your Home!

If you’re having a hard time moving around, but need to get an x-ray for your next checkup, Modern Home Health Care, Inc. can help you. We will bring a portable x-ray machine to you! Let us know when you’re free. #HomeHealth #Healthcare #Lovedones
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Top 5 Protein-Rich Foods #HomeHealth #Healthcare #HealthyFood
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Get Everything You Need for Better Health, AT HOME!

No need to drive all the way to the clinic to get an X-ray or to get your blood drawn for tests.

With Modern Home Health Care, Inc., you can avail these services at home. 
So sit back, relax, and call Modern Home Health Care, Inc. #Homehealth #Healthcare #Lovedones
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10 Items That Absolutely Need to Be in Your First-Aid Kit

Be prepared in times of emergency!
Make sure you pack your first-aid kit with:

- Tweezers
- Topical creams for insect bites
- Gloves
- Hand sanitizer
- Pain Relievers
- Medical tape
- Sterile gauze
- Cleaning wipes for wounds
- Antibiotic cream
- Allergy medication

Place these items in a small, sturdy pouch that can easily be accessed by all the members of your family. You could also place one in your car for added safety on the road.

Do you have other items in your first aid kit?
Share it in the comments!


#Homehealth #Healthcare #Lovedones
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Take Care of Small Wounds!

Maybe you were slicing some food in the kitchen or working in the garden when you accidentally got a tiny cut… ouch!

Well, a small wound like that shouldn't be a problem… unless it gets infected, then you're in big trouble.

Stop the infection by doing the following:

- Pressing a clean cloth on the area to stop the bleeding.
- Cleaning the wound by running it under cool water and washing it with mild soap.
- Dabbing on a thin layer of antibiotic ointment.
- Patting the area dry gently before covering it with a bandage.


#SmallWounds #Lovedones #Care
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