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I'm outta here. Google+ is a ghost town and unrewarding for me. 

You can find my links on Twitter at @admlinks and you can find me at @adm.

And I'm still pissed about what Google did to the Google Reader community. 

Thank you to those of you who followed me over here, and thank you to those who follow me there.
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:-(  But yeah, this is no place to be if you want to be part of a community of readers.
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Thousand Robots

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42,500 camps or ghettos. 15 - 20 million dead. The maps are shocking. 
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Thousand Robots

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Thousand Robots

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DKNY ripped off Humans of New York. Their FB page is already getting slammed.
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Thousand Robots

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i like this song and video. (Junip's Line of Fire)

reminds me of "Scenes from a Marriage" and also seems to be influenced by last year's trend of artistic, subtly animated GIFs. (e.g., )
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I share a lot of links, so put me in a circle where that's ok.
It's me! Your old buddy ADM.
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