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Frank Cheng

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How to test MICE?
MICE is a method that imputes missing data using simulation from an inferred posterior distribution. See the Appendix of to see the exact way we simulated data. With this in mind, MICE is a random ...

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coding structure first pass
Me and Kerby have gotten the structure of MICE to a reasonable point; it's a good time to make and update! Here is the current user interface: >>> import pandas as pd (1) >>> import statsmodels.api as sm (2) >>> from statsmodels.sandbox.mice import mice (3)...

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I've made some good progress with the help of my fantastic mentor, Kerby Shedden, as well as the statsmodels guru Josef Perktold. In general terms, we have a working implementation of MICE for two parametric models that have good theoretical properties: log...

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GSOC Blog initialized
Today was the deadline for GSOC submission, and I have completed my application. The small fix I made to statsmodels was also done, it was an M-Dependent covariance structure for Generalized Estimating Equations for statsmodels. It can be found here .
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