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Freedom, creativity & the wisdom to be yourself!
Freedom, creativity & the wisdom to be yourself!

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Free Speech under attack

"None of us can control or determine the reactions of others to what we say. Words or images cannot in themselves cause action." To uphold free speech in a democracy, it’s crucial to distinguish between words and deeds... The crucial distinction between open and oppressive societies ought to be unconditional freedom of speech.

The grievance lobby has succeeded in shifting the fulcrum of the human rights debate from the individual pursuing individual liberties to the individual being aggrieved by the liberties taken by others. 

Those aggrieved by free speech are defended, while others whose speech is perceived as offensive to such a degree that they are exposed to death threats, physical assault, and sometimes even murder are deemed to have been asking for it: “What did they expect offending people like that?”... It’s like accusing a rape victim: Why did you wear a short skirt at the discotheque Friday night?

In a democracy we enjoy many rights that the people of North Korea, or those in thrall to Islamic State, can only dream of: the right to freedom of religion and speech, the right to freedom of assembly, to freedom of movement and so on.

But the only right we do not and should not have in a liberal democracy is a right not to be offended. Instead of sending people to sensitivity training when they say something insensitive, we all need insensitivity training. We all need thicker skins if freedom of speech is to survive in the age of grievance fundamentalism. We are all Charlie Hebdo.


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The Disillusionment Index continues to rise

The disillusionment index has been rising for more than a decade and coincides with an explosion in the size of the federal government. 56% of Americans now say the US economic and political systems are stacked against them.

Politically connected hedge-funder Bill Ackman… persuaded congresswoman Linda Sánchez, D-Calif., to sic the Federal Trade Commission on Herbalife having invested a lot of money in a short sell position on the company. Ackman, a big Democratic donor, is asking his buddies in the Obama Administration to use coercive government to hurt the company and lower its value.

Having donated more than $100 million to Republican causes, Sheldon Adelson wants a ban on Internet gambling from a GOP-dominated Congress. But states are fighting back. His "company lawyer penned an initial draft of the Restoration of America’s Wire Act ... introduced last year by Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) and Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) which would effectively prevent states from authorizing online betting."

Power does corrupt and absolute power indeed corrupts absolutely. Switzerland has the answer: politicians have little power to pass such arbitrary laws since citizens retain control. See

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Tax Cuts in North Caroline show big results

Last year, the state embarked on a sweeping program of economic, regulatory, and budget reforms aimed at shrinking the size and scope of government. Taxes were cut across the board, regulations simplified, and the growth of state spending has slowed significantly.

Since North Carolina’s reform program began, 152,000 new jobs have been created, with a growth rate of 4.6 percent — well above the national average. The state’s unemployment rate has fallen to 6.6 percent from 8.8 percent in January 2013. 

But will big government spenders realize the obvious  lesson?

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US Government deletes Benghazigate files

Former CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson had her computer taken over remotely and all her files on Benghazigate deleted

That's the US State department scandal in which four American diplomats in Benghazi were murdered by the shameful inaction and subsequent lies of presidential candidate Democrat Hillary Clinton. see

The cybersecurity firm that investigated the incident conclude the intrusion was done by a “sophisticated entity that used commercial, non-attributable spyware that’s proprietary to a government agency: either the CIA, FBI, the Defense Intelligence Agency, or the National Security Agency (NSA)”

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More outrageous actions by educators. They apparently think working for the government means they are immune from having to obey the law.

State law in Alabama says minors cannot sign a contract.  Yet the child's mother had been waiting in the school's lobby at the time and was NOT asked for her consent.

The educators responsible - who should be named and shamed - are the ones who need to see a psychiatrist, not the 5-year-old...

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The End of Truth
“The worst” always rise to the top of the political heap under a regime of government planning, Hayek explained, for they are the ones with the least qualms about brutalizing their fellow citizens and depriving them of their liberties

All of this can only be sustained by what Hayek called “The End of Truth,” or the effects of massive government propaganda that demonizes individualism, the civil society, and the system of peaceful voluntary exchange and private property (capitalism), while glorifying all aspects of the state.

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Two stars give worse results than one

New research suggests employing two high status drivers is a fast-track to failure, says an academic study at the Cass Business School in London's City University.

So more is NOT necessarily better. In this case, it gives worse results. Moderation in everything...

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Eric Holder’s damage to race relations may be even worse than his contempt for Congress

He blamed banks for not lending enough to members of racial minority groups and other banks for “predatory lending” that led to disproportionate bankruptcies among those same groups

Ironically, he’s even challenged school choice programs, which overwhelmingly help poor black kids acquire better educations.

 One thing that differentiates Holder from other notorious attorneys general, like John Mitchell under Richard Nixon, is that Holder hasn’t gone to jail yet; (the DOJ Inspector General better lock down computer systems lest Holder’s electronic files “disappear”).

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Did I miss the 4th Amendment's repeal by the USA Government?

Due to the NSA's unconstitutional intrusion into every aspect of your private life, Apple and Google have now produced smartphones which can no longer bypass your user password. But can the NSA still access Angry Birds and other such data?

Now the FBI Director James Comey says he is "very concerned" that the companies were "marketing something expressly to allow people to place themselves above the law." What he actually means is that although the NSA breaks the law of the land every day for everybody - the US Constitution prohibits collecting and searching your data without a warrant - that doesn't mean you are entitled to protect yourself against its illegal activities.

Does he want it to be illegal to protect yourself against the illegal activities of criminals when they work for the US Government?

How do you spell chutzpah? 

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Why have some prices soared?
Prices have soared for education, child care and health care. 
And have plummeted for televisions, toys and phones...
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