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A Liquid Being: liquid beings are endless fabrications in constant construction. Digital business strategist learning in the flow.
A Liquid Being: liquid beings are endless fabrications in constant construction. Digital business strategist learning in the flow.


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Does Trust Around Personal  Data Really Matter to Marketers?

Research at London-based consultancy CTRL-SHIFT shows that 30% of consumers had decided not to use a service, install an app, or de-installed an app because they were concerned about the security of their data.

As marketers in a data-driven world, we have to focus on what consumers are doing.  But what they are NOT doing is just as an important a trend to observe.  The article link references the consumer practice of increasingly "dirtying data" with false details because of concerns around data.  Inaccurate data leads to waste in marketing dollars.

This research coupled with the urgent need businesses are feeling now to lock down their data to prevent the risk and damage of data breaches, smart marketers are thinking about trust around data privacy as a cost and a competitive pressure.

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Russian Customers or Employees?  You probably need a Russian Server
New law kicks in September 1, 2015 requiring processing within Russian territory

If you have Russian customers or employees, get prepared now to comply with a new law coming into effect this Fall that requires businesses that collect and use Russian citizen's personal data for that data to be stored on servers within Russian territory.

In Russia "personal data" is broadly defined, and the law isn't clear whether this must be the only database used to store or process Russian citizens' data.  You must also inform the Russian authority, Roscomnadzor, of your intention to process the data.

This law affects e-commerce sites, social media, and any commercial activity, and provides for blocking Russian users from websites that don't comply.

Check in with your legal counsel about your obligations, since there are ambiguities, and there are some possible interesting tax implications.  The Personal data law landscape is only getting more complex.

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Privacy Training Video for Educators - and Parents
Dept. of Education releases  free teacher training video and a student privacy guidance document

Parents should watch the short video as well!  The examples help you understand how the school's practices protect your child's student record information and what your rights are in helping to protect it.

The Privacy Technical Assistance Center in the Dept. of Education is providing three great resources for teachers and administrators to help them with best practices and using privacy-friendly apps and services.

Here they are:

Protecting Student Privacy While Using Online Educational Services: Requirements and Best Practices

Video: Protecting Student Privacy Training Video

Model Terms of Service

#privacy   #studentprivacy   #education  #FERPA #teachers  

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Privacy May Also Be A Winner in Net Neutrality Vote
Potentially would hinder carriers from sharing data about our Internet use.

However, AT&T's new "privacy premium" (charging you additional fees to opt-out of data sharing) appears to meet the FCC regulations, so we may see a lot more services charging extra for consumer privacy.

As this will impact lower economic rungs more severely, we could be setting up a data currency divide that could go either way.  The more data, the more you qualify for everything from jobs to discounts - or the more data the more algorithms can reward you, the less you pay, the less you have access to in society. 

Much to work on.  

#netneutrality   #datamining   #privacy   #FCC  

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Now Does This Feel Like a Violation?
And it's perfectly legal

#privacy   #socialmedia   #datarights   #visibility  

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California Stores DNA of 16 Million Babies Born Since 1982
Should parents be aware new-born blood samples are stored indefinitely?

Ca. Assemblyperson, Mike Gatto thinks parents should have a choice about whether their child's DNA is stored for research. 

Most parents assume new born blood is tested and disposed of.  Not so.  It is frozen and stored in a government warehouse and access given to researchers for a fee. 

One researcher says giving parents a choice would be "very harmful" to medical research, because they might opt out.  

California is one of 20 states that keep blood samples.

Would you opt in - or would you opt out - for your child's DNA to be stored by the Department of Public Health?

#privacy   #medicalresearch   #DNA   #medicalprivacy  

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The pretty toy that makes it "fun" to be surveilled alarms me
Mattel's Smart Barbie Listens In

This wi_fi, IoT Barbie has conversations with your child.  The child's speech is transmitted to the cloud, processed, understood, and then answers are streamed back.  It works much like Siri on the iPhone. Press a button, Barbie listens and responds. Watsonesque.

Hello Barbie is in prototype.  She is pre-loaded loaded with scripts, but she is also a learning machine, adapting her conversations as she gathers more data about your child and her environment. 

The current privacy policy indicates that ToyTalk, who developed the toy, may capture photographs or audio transcription, use, transcribe, and store the recordings for product development and "other" research. By using Barbie, parents agree to these terms.

Parents reportedly will have some customization options, like adding a pet's name to the scripts, or indicating off-limits topics. Parents can get emails from Barbie about what their child is talking to Barbie about. Of course the data miners are hoping we don't have time or talent to maintain our household privacy.  And the granularity of choice is yet unknown.

I'm extremely troubled on SO many levels.  Children, like adults, need to try out ideas, thoughts, and scenarios both for their imagination and for their emerging sense of self.  Having these stored, transmitted to parents, and otherwise surveilled by machines and humans has them growing up expecting no secure, private space to be themselves and unavailable for judgement.  

In our present state of security, ethics, regulation, and machine honor codes, this is truly insidious -  it's building a culture of surveillance from infancy, and making it fun and okay.    

This technology is wonderful, powerful, and transformative.  But until individuals have data rights, "forgets" rights, have ways to control their own data , and rights to choose with whom and when to share it, we're building a terrifying world wrapped in a beautiful facade.

+Mattel before you launch this toy, take the lead and build something really revolutionary - a toy that is so smart, it truly rocks personal data.

#privacy   #toys   #dataprivacy   #digitaltrends  

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Director of Data says it is doubling-down on primary data An industry troubling, data-driven commentary by Kraft Foods on the state of the data-driven ad industry. Kraft got serious about its ad buys and finds that only about 14% of impressions offered by…

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Check Your Kids Apps for its Privacy Grade
Carnegie Mellon University's website says kids games have the worst gaps between user expectations and what really happens.

Fruit Ninja provides permission to erase or modify the USB drive on your computer if you connect your mobile device to it, according to the researchers.  Surprise!

#datasecurity   #mobileapps   #mobilegames   #dataprotection  

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AT&T Program Charges More if You Don't Want Targeted Advertising.
Is this a head-lock for customers or a real benefit?

It will be interesting to see how customers feel about a better price if they opt in - a difference of about $30 for sharing data. For many $30 savings is a lot to their wallet and need the trade-off.   However, even if you decide to pay more, ATT still tracks and collects your data.

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