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Every time you earn a new smiley, there's a celebration. Whether that's with your geocaching partner, the new friend you brought along, or even just by yourself. At the Geocache of the Week, there are tons of cheering fans to celebrate with you: 

What's your favorite way to celebrate a find?
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You say #Android? We say check out the new free Geocaching Intro app for the Android. 
Share geocaching with friends through an intro app that shows nearby beginner-level Traditional geocaches. They're everywhere! Premium Members, use the intro app to unlock all Traditional geocaches.
Geocaching is a game that reveals a world beyond the everyday, where the po...
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What's that about premium members still having to unlock something? Or am I getting that wrong?
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After a long day of geocaching, you have to have a way to relax. But what if you could relax while still geocaching? At the Geocache of the Week, you can! Just step into the warm relaxing mineral bath and earn a smiley at the same time:

What's your favorite way to unwind after finding geocaches?
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I have been able to relax at the Blue Lagoon twice, but only once as a geocacher.  Excellent experience - Iceland is a wonderful place to enjoy.  A few miles north of this earthcache are a couple of lava tube caches where you get to go underground and crawl your way through to find the container.
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Everything is bigger in Texas... even the geocaching squirrels! Read about this and other larger-than-life happenings at the 12th Annual Texas Challenge Mega Event: What's the largest geocaching event you've attended?
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That's an +Ingress portal.
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Geocacher honored for historic DNF stats! The world leader in Did Not Find's is honored with an Event Cache party. Watch the video to find out what happens next! Show your #DNFPride. Tell us the DNF that still keeps you guessing!
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April fool! ;-)
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Alert: If you haven't seen, welcome the newest geocacher: Hugh Jackman. You know the movie star, all around cool guy (and he can sing!?)... He's a geocacher now. So. There's that. This has been a Geocaching alert. Please resume your regular G+'ing. 
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Hopefully, he can find some of those quality caches that have kept so many of us around! It really changes the way a person lives!
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Spring is here to give geocaches a hand. News break: winter's over. Geocaches want your attention. How long until you find your next geocache? (an hour?, a day? - tell us!)
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love geocaching
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For those of us who have played this game before, we know how addicting it is. Almost as addicting as geocaching, right? See for yourself in the video below and check out the article for more on the Geocache of the Week:

What game would you like to see integrated into a geocache?
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If you liked our announcement earlier today, have a look what happened exactly one year ago.
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Oh ja das war witzig letztes Jahr. Ich such immer noch ein "tiny cache" ;)
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Whether you call it a game, a hobby or a way of life, we can all agree that geocaching is fun. But where the fun starts is up for debate. In the case of the Geocache of the Week, the fun begins before you even leave the house. Check it out:

What's the funnest part of geocaching for you? The search? The find? The hide? Tell us in the comments.
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Planning ... I love maps and enjoy deciding where to go, the order of the finds to make the path enjoyable, getting all the information ready and then heading out.  I spend WAY too much time on Google Earth, but that's a lot of fun.  Of course, so is the hiking and finding ... markacher
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