Hey guys there is not way I can keep up with this on my own. Can you call me today when you have time? I would like to start earning some income from my +Free Work My passion as an +A+ Teachers is +Incubating @+GoogleLocal[Namespace] State County is a trade secret that I code following W3C and HTML5 Standards ref http://tinyurl.com/W3C-HTML5-Specification My wife tells me every day +Laura Zarlino that I am trying to alphabetize the internet and I am stuck on the A's. :) lol two of the many codes taught to the masses. Amazing what you can do with a few key strokes and a internet connection. The game is on. Do you want to play with me? The internet is not a game. All three of the tag lines are owned by Rippln, Inc. and Brending, LLC An Ohio Company #weev  
https://support.google.com/business/answer/2911778?p=about_verification&rd=1 Congress President Of The United States +Rippln Wave +Rippln Italia +Rippln Ripple +Rippln Prosperity on Google+ +Rippln Mobile App Five To Stay live So far three personal and two pages in less than two weeks. Move the launch date back and let's get someone inside the meeting to testify on brending Rippln, Inc. with Brending, LLC  An Ohio Company The calls you have been making telling the public what we are doing keeping our business plans public will be easy to prove to any end user how the internet really does work and why Sir Tim Berners-Lee Steve Jobs Bill Gates thought the way they did and buy the  companies that developed the software that brended the educational aspect of maketing using #rdf  The monster created is easy to use now because of games and playing on line. Now on you phones. You can't go anywhere in the world today and not find people connected to the internet in some fashion.  Why do you think Bill Gates started making laptops with built in generators using a hand crank? If you take a child in an area that does not have clean water and give him a tool to connect to anyone in the world what do you think that child will see and find on line other than porn? The internet should win the Nobel Peace Prize and our team is asking for your help. Did you watch the video of the shirtless dancing guy yet? The news reports on popular google searches now. Really? Find Friend Follow anything to do with Rippln Brending and the meetings that are going on as I supply you with this #rdf  today and ask yourself what you would do if you found a baby raccoon in your fire place. http//ripplncapatian.blogspot.com +President Of The United States +Incubating +Donkey Ball @@Split Testing @Split Testing  #Split_Testing  +Donkey Ball That's my baby. #Thatsmybaby  
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