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Lovely fabulated story. The dialog, the premise of "we didn't notice Samsung until now golly gosh" - the VM running OS X on top of Windows "Shocking" someone...

Good laughs.
I can't make this stuff up

I'm sitting in a Starbucks doing random whatever over an iced americano. While I waiting for my drink, I watched a guy with his friend, pick up a newspaper; and start to remark on the Samsung Apple verdict.

Guy: "Wait, so what they're saying is, Samsung is the same as Apple?"
Friend: "I know, right? Makes me think twice about how much I paid for my Mac Book"
Guy: "Seriously"

Not 10 minutes later, a husband and wife, same newspaper:

Husband: "... Samsung's iPad is the same as Apple's iPad, and I paid how much for the Apple one? Honey, I told you they were a ripoff", after looking up the Samsung tablet on his iPhone.
Wife: "Oh wow," looking at the screen, "... that's a lot cheaper. Think we can return it?"

I put my Samsung QX410 on my table, and started to plug in, when he leans over to me, "Sorry, you don't mind if I ask, how much did you pay for your Samsung laptop?"

"Oh, no worries, it was $700." I replied. 

I watched shock overcome his face, like actual shock. He looked at me, blankly, for an awkward amount of time, "Mind if I have a look?" he asked. 

So, I obliged, and showed him a few things. He commented on Windows 7, so I opened up my virtual machine of OS/X... By the time the conversation was over, he was ready to kick Cupertino in the nuts, I think.

... Now, the punchline: 

I'm writing this post after the FOURTH group of Starbucks patrons have made the connection that Samsung is now the same as Apple. They don't know the details, they don't really care, what they know is Apple is saying that Samsung is the same as Apple ... and with one simple Google Search, you get prices that are basically half for what seems to be the same products -- for nearly everything. 

Two of these groups (including the husband/wife) asked me about my Samsung laptop, the second group noticed my Galaxy phone (also by Samsung)... Best billion dollar ad-campaign Samsung ever had.

Really having fun with NestaCMS and plugging in eCommerce stuff on top of various bits of content. Back when I was at Microsoft, I remember talking to +Bertrand Le Roy about this very thing - that you *should* be able to drop eCommerce on top of CMS without that much effort.

He made Orchard, I left Microsoft :). 5 years later I'm messing with my favorite static blog engine: NestaCMS ( It's so easy to extend....

I've plugged in Knockout and some custom stuff - but what I have so far are ad-hoc invoices running over content I create statically using Markdown. I realize that won't work for 100+ product sites, but for something like Tekpub it's perfect.

The main reason I think it's perfect is you get to design each product/bundle/cross-sell page to say specifically and exactly what you want it to say. It's not content shoved into a text area with some silly Rich Text Editor to fake it's way through user acceptance (oh! Look! pictures!).

Instead - you get to have a canvas for each product that's compelling, interesting, and devoted to the user. 

Love it! I'll share soon...

Turning off Twitter for a day - want to see how different things are over here

Wondering if this could replace twitter. I like being able to write more since it has more context - 140 chars is pathetic, and I honestly don't like Twitter injecting ads in a timeline.
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