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Edit 2: see update in comments

Not 100%, but it looks like a Chromebook with a dGPU is coming.

Looking for evidence of new pixels (sigh) I came across a board called Jadeite which appears to be the first(?) Chromebook with a dedicated GPU, provided by AMD. Not too sure on specific details of either board or GPU. It is also possible that this is just an AMD CPU with an iGPU.

Edit: I don't think there has been any Chromebooks with AMD CPUs yet, either?

+# Turn on the video cards this board uses.
+VIDEO_CARDS="radeon amdgpu"


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Chell is an upcoming HP Chromebook?

'TEST=build, boot on chell and execute dmidecode to check Manufacturer is "Hewlett-Packard" '


What's most interesting here is that if the other specs are still true (16GB RAM, backlit keyboard etc.), then could we be looking at the first proper high-end Chromebook not completley made by Google?

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Boom. Chell (Based on glados) is using an updated version of a RAM chip used in last year's 21"Apple iMac [K4E6E304EE-EGCF]. The kicker? It's a 16 GB module. I'm 100% sure this is no ordinary Chromebook now that we have lightbar, backlit keyboard, skylake and high-end RAM.

It looks like they're still at EVT at the moment, but judging by how things progressed last time, I think we'll have a new Google-made laptop before Christmas.!searchin/chromium-os-reviews/chell$20dvt/chromium-os-reviews/3h-K_6Czlqc/fqKgBVw6AwAJ

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UPDATE: after some further digging and thanks to +Robb Weeks and +Brandon Lall I'm now fairly certain that 'glados' is a base-baseboard, on which Chell (Skylake-Y) and Kunimitsu (Skylake-U) is based, but then Lars is based on Kunimitsu. A two tiered flagship line perhaps?

Some of you may remember 'glados', a board I brought to attention back in Febuary of last year and +François Beaufort​​ confirmed as running Skylake. Turns out the name isn't all that's interesting about it!!searchin/chromium-os-reviews/backlight$20glados/chromium-os-reviews/vU-GwnjEq0s/XHB-RC_nWmYJ

From the initial commit one can see references to fans, 2 USB-A and two USB-C ports, but also a super interesting 'GPIO(TABLET_MODE, PORT ...'.

Oh, and it appears to be the third known board (Pixel G1, Pixel G2, Pixel C) to have a proper lightbar [Just sayin'], and also the necessary sensors for the tap-for-battery.!searchin/chromium-os-reviews/lightbar%7Csort:date/chromium-os-reviews/rCGS2_DdtnU/pBdB9bJzEAAJ

And a backlit keyboard!!searchin/chromium-os-reviews/backlight$20glados/chromium-os-reviews/2SRiXI2IpzA/qWKj2NY8AAAJ

It's probably too early to call this as anything more than an 'interesting' board, but things are looking good for another upcoming ChromeOS flagship...

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Google are adding support for TRIM in ChromeOS

Not sure if this has been publicised yet, but it looks like they've made the first steps to rolling it out early last month.



+Brent Sullivan +Ron Amadeo

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So I found this:

'...That is true only for boards that have a single boot policy i.e. all   
chromeos boards. However, if a board like smaug/ryu wants to set multiple boot policies i.e. boot[.]img as well as CrOS ...'


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I'm not yet convinced that Ryu (Pixel C) is just an Android tablet.

So despite being all over the chromium OS reviews list, Ryu was announced to the world as an all-Google, all-Android tablet. This can make sense if either the Chromium team are also Google's designated consumer hardware team, or if Ryu was, at one stage, meant to at least dual-boot Chrome OS.

But if you go to the chromium issues page and search 'ryu' every single relevant entry appears under OS:Chrome, and some of these even post-date Ryu's announcement as running Android.

This bug seems particularly odd, given they're additionally, explicitly framing it as a Chromebook issue and then Ryu's name is nonchalantly rattled off:

It's been mentioned by some of the media that the Pixel C could be Google's hardware for demoing this rumoured third OS, and what I'm seeing certainly leads credence to something out of the usual being the case.

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Noooo! edit: maybe not?

Looks like they've killed Ryu, and so with it any hopes or dreams of an Android/ChromeOS dual-booter.

'frankenboard is dead.'


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[In Australia it's April 2nd]

Ryu is a dualbooter.

Ya'll might want to take a look at this:

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The plot thickens!
If you direct your browsers over to:

Which is the general information page for Samus (Pixel 2015) there is this interesting part that reads:

'LTE on some models'

but neither the two models out are supporting it. This is very strange...
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