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Private Golf Club, Lodging, Restaurant, Spa, Swim & Tennis, Fitness,Hiking
Private Golf Club, Lodging, Restaurant, Spa, Swim & Tennis, Fitness,Hiking

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All Vintner Pour

Our eighth annual All Vintner Pour was another rousing success! We would like to sincerely thank all the Vintner Members for their hard work and support to help make it another memorable pour. From all the positive feedback we've received, we are convinced that Members and their guests truly enjoyed the event.


While Mayacama is primarily about golf...

While Mayacama is primarily about golf and wine...our beer-loving members will be happy to know that we now have a total of 8 different brews on tap such as Duvel, Lagunitas IPA and WTF, Smithwicks, Stella Artois, Boont Amber Ale, Racer 5, and Drop Top!

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The weather was perfect and our...

The weather was perfect and our Mayacama "munchkins" had a blast on Easter Sunday with farm animals to pet, pony rides, an Easter Bunny egg hunt, and a surprise visit from Glinda the Good Witch of the South! Photos can be viewed and ordered at the Club for the gallery password or to request a photo CD.

Golf Course & Practice Facility closed...

Golf Course & Practice Facility closed April 2-5 for aerification (weather permitting). Clubhouse closed April 2-5 for spring cleaning and maintenance. Thank you for your patience! See you back on April 6th!

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Mayacama Connection - April 2012

Check out the newly released Mayacama Kids' Camp calendar, the latest club events, menus, wine events, and golf tournaments for the upcoming season!! CLICK HERE - APRIL

12 Best Private Golf Communities - Forbes

The Jack Nicklaus Signature course here is without a doubt the finest golf course in American wine country, and easily the best in the most prestigious ... Read more

Mayacama comments:
This article was published back in August, 2011 (before we had a presence in the social media world) but it is still relevant today!

Nearly each week captivating wines are...

Nearly each week captivating wines are added to the Mayacama wine list; making it difficult for Members to choose from a list of over 400 different elegant wines from our Vintner Members and from vintners overseas. Members will want to make dinner reservations for this weekend and try some wonderful Cabs just added to the list from the Napa Valley...2007 Dana Estates, Onda D'Oro
2008 Hundred Acre, Kayli Morgan
2008 Hundred Acre, Ark
2009 Joseph Phelps
2008 Joseph Phelps "Insignia"

St. Patty's Day - The Gargus View

Historically, St. Patrick’s Day has been a day spent celebrating the anniversary of the death of the holiday’s namesake, a 5th century patron saint credited with furthering the spread of Catholicism in Ireland. At Mayacama however, it is a day spent wearing green, celebrating the art of drinking heavily, and playing what will surely end up being your worst round of golf all year, unless you’re Kevin Bedsole who had enough birdies and eagles to start his own private aviary. For most of the other attendees, it was the realization that no amount of four leaf clover adorned apparel could save your handicap, especially with George on the coarse breaking protocol on this occasion and generously handing out beers and shots.

So, needless to say, the huddled green masses eventually wandered into our cozy little establishment as they have every year before, defeated by a course that saw more balls lost in one day than probably all of the Emerald Isle. Yet they came happy, to share laughs and stories over cold Guinness and warm corned-beef and cabbage. To an unfamiliar spectator it may seem like nothing more than excessive consumption and friendly 19th hole chatter. To a trained professional however, I see a wonderful close knit family of great people who are happy to call this place home. I mean where else would you have two Italians, Tom Chiurco and Russ Croce, wearing tee shirts claiming they were Irish, be welcomed with open arms by two of the most Irish guys I know, Pat Dugan, and Jim Shepherd; sitting together, with eight bottles of wine between the four of them. Anywhere else in the world, that is a brawl waiting to happen. Speaking of genuinely Irish guys, you can’t forget to mention Pat O’Keefe who left the festivities a little early with his wife. On the way out he says to me in noticeable Gaelic accent, “Mike, were leaving, I was wondering if you can get me a cab?” In true Mayacama fashion my honest answer was, ”Sure, were you thinking Napa or Alexander Valley?” After a few seconds of a puzzled look, I realized that Mayacama had indeed institutionalized me, and I went to the phone to call him a taxi.

So the night marches on to the sound of great Irish music by a band we later found out to be called “The Shots”. Earlier guesses were Sham-Wow, or the Potato Famine Revolution, both of which were obviously wrong. Then my eye wanders to the noticeable absence of any green clothes on a Mr. Jonathan Wilhelm, who instead was clad in blue on blue. For anyone who might have given him a bad time, I did a little bit of research, and actually blue was the original color of St. Patty’s Day. So I’m sure he was simply exercising his right to be historically accurate…..yeah.

By 10 o’clock or so, the crowd has thinned out and only the tried and true Saint Patty’s Day soldiers remain on the battlefield, a battlefield littered with beer glasses, flashing green necklaces, and empty wine bottles. I can’t help but think, as I’m standing by the bar, of an evening some years ago when I saw this stunning, charismatic, smiling lady named Ali, doing Irish car-bombs with a bunch of 20 something guys, their mouths agape in complete awe. I think of how much this place must mean to me, to us, all of us. The people here share losses and tears, laughs and beers. We wine and dine, and pass the time. And at some point we come to the conclusion, that there is no pot of gold, in fact the rainbow ends right here, in this great place we call Mayacama. So lads and lasses raise your glasses. Heres to you…Saint!

Written by Michael Gargus
Assistant Wine Director, Mayacama Golf Club

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St. Patrick's Day Fourball

Participants in the St. Patrick's Day Fourball at Mayacama were feeling the luck o' the Irish on Saturday when the clouds parted, the rain stopped, and the sun shone on the "green"! Congratulations Georganne Proctor who made a hole-in-one on #11 and to the following champions...

Champions: George Hargreaves & Henry Pilger 64
Runners-Up: Gabe Donohoe & Andy Katzin 65
Third Place: Steve Barker & Doug Dillard 66
Fourth Place: Steve Higgins & Jim Shepherd 67*
Closest to the Hole: #17 Kevin Bedsole 5'2"
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