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'Roid Week starts Monday. I have 10 new shots but nothing spectacular. I guess I'll have to shoot something on Sunday.
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Stranger Danger strikes again.
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The boy scout who was lost was actually a path and would leave the path whenever he heard someone coming and hide. He didn't come out until the person on the path was a ranger if I remember correctly.
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Big things happening around here. Thing 1 lost her second tooth and Thing 3 is reading all by herself but only if she thinks you aren't paying attention. I can't figure it out and she tells me she can't read when I ask why. The only thing I can think of is she doesn't want to "perform" her new skill.
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The one I nannied does the same thing on reading, I think it's fear they won't be read to if they can do it themselves. Just a thought.
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Gah. I somehow added a stitvh in the last row. Now to tink back and find it before tonight's tv knitting.
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I have 4 things to make then we are ready for Shabbat. Hoping to make it to the park after the lunch rush leaves.
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Thanks for parking over the line and so close to my car that I can't get in. 
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Allowances for 6 year-olds. Opinions?
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This is kind of what I was thinking. They have a set list of things they have to do every day. Every so often they are particularly helpful and dh will give them money when he hears about it as a treat, but they've been asking how they can earn money to save for a couple of things they want.
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Trying to decide on my Ravellenic projects. So far I have Thing 2's hat, a baby sweater and chunky socklettes. All small, fast knits that I could do (each) in a few days. I'm wondering if I should just do those now and pick something else. Or add another thing. 
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Or i could just do those and not spend every moment of my life knitting during the olympics.
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A good watch and something to think about even for homeschoolers. Are your kids getting enough down time?
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The joys of being an adult child. And the oldest. And the most "responsible" one.
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Turns out my sprained ankle is a strained tendon. Joy.
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Mom to triplets, knitter, photographer, traditional foodist, Orthodox Jew, unschooler and nutty gal!
If you are looking for someone to chat with about multiples, homeschooling/unschooling, traditional food, keeping kosher, techy stuff, knitting and finding time for everything then you've come to the right place!

Feel free to add me to a circle and delete me later if we don't mesh. I won't be offended. :)
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