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Debora Dennis
Wife, mom, romance author, coffee & chocolate addict!
Wife, mom, romance author, coffee & chocolate addict!

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Motivate Me Monday
 Time to kick off 2017, and what better way than with a motivational post? To the left is the front dashboard of my beautiful planner...I call him Tony, because (a) I think every assistant needs a name and (b) because he's a beautiful green leather binder, ...

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A Little Seasonal Inspiration
This week I'm offering up a few pictures that inspire me...both are pictures pulled from my own files, snapped either by me or my son. Hopefully they will give you the same feelings of warmth and happiness they give me, but even if you don't quite see the s...

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Last week we asked the question about writing at the beach, and I'll admit that writing with nothing but the solitude of running water holds a special allure to many of us creative types. This week I'd like to expand on the thought of gathering your ideas, ...

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Let's Get Ready to Pitch!!
This Friday, May 8th, The Long Island Romance Writers will host their 18th annual Shining the Light on Romance Agent/Editor Luncheon. For the last 17 years, this has been a writing event worth every penny (and not to mention the food is always fabulous!) Wh...

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Going Over the Waterfall
This week I took a much needed vacation to clear my head of the winter cobwebs that had taken root in my consciousness. I'm sure you know exactly the ones I'm taking about too. That feeling of muck, of having nothing that makes any sense scrawled across you...

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Love and romance. 50 Shades of Gray. Aliens, shapeshifters, time travel or contemporary romance. Yes, love comes in all shapes, sizes, time periods and even planets. Since I made my first choice of a romance novel in my middle school library many, many year...

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Character Interview Blog Hop - Heroes! #MeetTheHero
Thanks for stopping by today for the fourth week of the Character Interview Blog Hop - HEROES series where you'll be introduced to leading men from a variety of genres by different authors. Last week we met the irresistible heartthrob from author Debra Druz...

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Snow Day Crockpot Chicken & Dumplings #crockpotdinner
Winter. New York. The first blizzard of 2015. Time to break out the crockpot! With the expected snowfall amounts increasing by the hour, I plan to spend my day getting some unexpected words on the WIP...and getting dinner out of the way early is a bonus. Ri...

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A 2015 Mantra! #WordstoLiveBy
Over the last few years I have opted out of the whole "New Year Resolutions" game and went instead with the idea of adopting a few phrases that can inspire me throughout the year. This year after some thought on where I've been this past year and how I want...

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Merry Christmas

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