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75 (sarcastic) ways to say no:

(Hat tip to +Helen Schoch)

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To prevent doping in future cycling races, here's a suggestion: the last one to cross the finish line wins the race. If you think about it, it's pretty tough to keep balance on a bike at slow speed. Of course, it would not be allowed for a cyclist to set foot on ground, too easy otherwise – and races should be fairly short too, because I'm not sure anyone would watch 200 kilometres of such a "race".

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Here’s What Happened When an Elderly Woman Took It Upon Herself to Restore a Painting in a Nearby Church

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A new religion is born in Sweden. Its name? Kopimism. Its dogma? (Free) file sharing – or rather, information sharing. And it's not a joke – read the article in full:

Wikipedia page on the Church of Kopimism:

Photo credit: (c) Anne-Marie Morgan

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Tim Dowling from The Guardian came up with a hilarious guide for foreign visitors attending the Olympics in London.


"Nobody here can answer any questions you have about fencing. Google it."

"Britons love bleak humour: that's why all the hire bikes are branded with the name of a bank currently being investigated for fixing interest rates. It's supposed to be funny."

"If you have arrived early, you might just be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the final leg of the Olympic torch relay. Or you might be at a riot. Ask yourself the following questions: are there lots of people holding flames, or just one? Is everybody running in the right direction? Does the nearest branch of Foot Locker appear to be having the craziest sale ever?"

"Please aid the Olympic authorities and organisers by demonstrating at all times that you are not a terrorist. Do not perspire, take off your shoes, smile in a weird way while texting someone, or point and shout: "Hey! Look at all those missiles on that roof over there!" In fact, if you're not using your hands for anything, it's probably best if you keep them in the air where everybody can see them."

Read more and laugh heartily:

Photo credit of Mr. Bean: unknown.

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Seen today: "Ralph Lauren Should Apologize for 'Made in China' US Olympic Team Uniforms".

Well, as long as the uniforms are not counterfeit ;-)...

Read more:
Photo credit: AP.

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Ahaha - excellent Star Wars parody of Gotye's song!

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"All opinions are respectable. Well, you are the one saying it. I say the opposite. It's my opinion: so respect it!"

"Toutes les opinions sont respectables. Bon. C'est vous qui le dites. Moi je dis le contraire. C'est mon opinion: respectez-la donc !"

Jacques Prévert - Spectacle (1951), Intermède

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Hilarious. Watch it, you won't regret it. And then start crying if you don't know why visitors on your website are leaving it - or try Google Analytics :).

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A serious and interesting topic presented with deadpan humour. A role model in both humour and speaking skills. At the very least, don't miss the last three minutes of the talk (after 32:25).
"Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating." Here are 5 conditions to allow creativity to flourish, according to comedian John Cleese (Monty Python):

1. Space. “You can’t become playful, and therefore creative, if you’re under your usual pressures.” Seal yourself off in a quiet spot where you'll be undisturbed.

2. Time. "Create your space for a specific period of time" for about an hour and a half. You need about thirty minutes to be able to focus and after an hour and a half, you need a break, so it's better to schedule 90 minutes now and 90 minutes next week. Another reason for that is condition number 3 below.

3. Time (again!). There is no need to take the decision until it's time to take it. Know first when the decision has to be taken to allow maximum pondering time and defer the decision until then, which will lead you to the most creative solutions. "If, while you're pondering, someone accuses of indecision, say: look, babycakes, I don't have to decide till Tuesday and I'm not chickening out of my creative discomfort by taking a snap decision before then. That's too easy." (21.20) But once the decision is taken, stick "to it while it's being implemented".

4. Confidence. “Nothing will stop you being creative so effectively as the fear of making a mistake. (...) Whatever happens, it's okay. (...) You cannot be playful if you're frightened if moving in some direction will be wrong, something you shouldn't have done. (...) Risk saying things that are silly. (...) While being creative, nothing is wrong."

5. Humour. Whatever the topic, however "serious" it is. Laughing does not make any topic less serious. Solemnity: "what is the point of it?" (25.18). Humour is an essential part of creativity.

I love the speaking style of John Cleese, inserting "light bulb" jokes in the middle of his speech without laughing himself. I just love deadpan humour. Add British accent and I don't need anything more! Certainly don't miss the last three minutes on how to destroy creativity (32.25 onwards).
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