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David Stevens Life Coach
Ensuring that Your Goals are kicked
Ensuring that Your Goals are kicked


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Don't shrink Your Dreams
Supersize Your Courage to follow them.
Dream Big. Dream often.

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Stretch Out fellow Life Lover
Spread Your wings to Be Your Best
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Are You self motivated or do You need a "push"?
If you have some spark then I can help You light the fire
Do you want to burn brightly?
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How to Seize This moment
The next 10 years will be the most pivotal and defining of Your life. Don’t let them slip away

You can “go with the flow” & see [hope] where that takes You or you can make some choices and set some guide posts for the years to come.
This matters.

The moment is Now.

Now is when You make the Choice to make each day & year of Your life count.

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Whatever You do
It's the size of Your effort and Intent
that will make the difference.
How are those Goals of yours coming along?

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What Choices are You making?
I have often read that Choice is the most powerful force in The Universe.
And I tend to agree with that.
Everything that You do [and not do] comes down to Choice.

Now that’s out of the way, how are Your Choices working for You?
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