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Smarter writing and editing.
Smarter writing and editing.


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If time is money, freelancers are bleeding cash. Learn how #productivity rules the day in #freelance land. 

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Was running around like a mad woman yesterday and didn't get a chance to post this. I had a guest post published on +Kinsta. They're a newer WordPress hosting company that's making some real headway in the industry. On a personal note, they (+TomZsomborgi, in particular) were a real pleasure to work with and I hope to get the opportunity to do so again soon! --

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My girl turned 2 yesterday!

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7 Awesome Reasons Your Company Needs Case Studies Right Now
Hint: They're way more effective than testimonials

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What's Your Game of Thrones Blogging Style? 

Season 4 of Game of Thrones premiered last night and it got me thinking about the cutthroat archetypes that invade businesses the world over. Some people are more charitable, however, and are constantly looking for ways to reach out, connect, and contribute.

And while I’m caught up in the drama between the Lannisters and Starks (and Freys and Targaryens and…) I wanted to take a moment today to talk about how some of the show’s popular characters translate into popular blogging types.

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How to Conquer Your Blogging Fears Like Indiana Jones 

Embarking on a new blogging venture can be scary. But you're not alone. Everyone's afraid of something--even Indy! In this post, I'll lay my fears bare and offer some tips for overcoming them...

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“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads...”

So says Doc Brown to Marty McFly in Back to the Future just as the Delorean turned time machine takes to the sky. Not only is this line from one of my favorite movies ever, it also offers a nice soundbite for us social media enthusiasts to use as a motto.

Learn how I've thrown caution to the wind and said ”screw you” to roads and set out on my own journey in the wilderness of the social landscape.

A few key points: 

- You need to find your flux capacitor. 
- Taking risks is vital!
- Being Calvin Klein is overrated. 
- Whatever you do, don't be Biff! 

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"Getting active on social media as a company can build a massive amount of success for your brand. It can spur customer engagement, encourage loyalty, and increase sales. But you know that already."

It's the act of introducing social media into your company that can cause problems. If you don't have a social media policy, that is. 

My latest post over at +Brandxten examines how +IBM and +Southwest Airlines implemented social media policies for the good of their companies. And it didn't limit their employee's ability to speak their minds online, either. If anything, it encouraged even greater employee engagement on social media than ever before! 

Read Implementing a Social Media Policy: How IBM and Southwest Airlines Did It now:

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Small-business owners would be remiss to ignore Feb. 14, especially if they offer a product or service that could make for a sweet, friendly, or romantic gift.

Learn 4 essential tips that will help you show love for your customers this Valentine's Day. 

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Rebekah Radice's Secret to Social Media Success 

+Rebekah Radice loves to share her passion for all things social wherever and whenever she can.

And it shows! Not only is she the CEO of a digital marketing agency, she also recently launched a training system called Stand Out Online to help entrepreneurs build their social media skills. 

Recently, I had the pleasure of asking Radice a few questions about why people think social media is easy, the importance of personal engagement, and more. 

A few takeaways: 

"Giving out free advice and truly taking the time to get to know your audience and their needs creates trust, and trust is the first step toward moving them into the marketing funnel."

"In order to create a successful social campaign, you need a content marketing and social media plan in place."

"There is no easy path online success. You have to enjoy getting online, engaging with people, and staying active on a daily basis."

Be sure to read the whole thing over at the +Intuit Small Business Blog:

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