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7 Natural Beauty Tips
Everyone today
aspires for beauty and always look for one product or the other to enhance
his/her persona. However, most of the beauty products in the market are made of
different chemicals which may have adverse impact on your skin. Also, these
unnatural p...
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10 Best Wedding Hotels in Delhi
As we know, Hotels and Resorts are not
only used by Tourists and Holiday makers, but also for organising various
events such as Birthdays, Corporate Events, Big Get Together & Weddings.
Hotels serve as a convenient option when it comes to arrangements.  Mos...
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Sweets & Chocolates in a Wedding
A Wedding event is celebrated with huge fun, flora and sentiments.
Exchange of gifts, Invitation Cards, Sweets distribution to family members and
guests are the normal rituals in any marriage. One has to check the contents
and quality of these presents very...
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How to be a Bride in Contrast
In an Indian wedding, the bride is also the center of attention. In any
wedding event, all the eyes are on her. So she has to be very particular about
what she wears, in what texture, color and designs? She has to keep in mind her
own personality and latest...
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Tips to Floral Decor in a Wedding
When it comes to a fancy wedding, decoration plays
an integral part. Decoration may include Lighting, Tent, Stage and Flower
Decoration. As flower decor is an important part of any decoration, it is thus
necessary to have the best vendors offering the best ...
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5 Things to consider while Short-listing Wedding Planner
As we know, Wedding Planners are those people to whom you can outsource
the proceedings of your wedding events. These planners are usually hired by
people who are unable to handle all arrangements, people who want extra things
in their weddings, and HNI or ...
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Checklist to Select Right Venue for a Wedding
Once your
marriage date has been fixed up, the next most urgent thing is to finalise
Wedding Venue. Main question arises about when & where to hold the marriage
ceremony. Answer to these questions is not that easy. Gone are the days when
marriages took plac...
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Wedding Reception
Wedding Reception is a key occasion
in any marriage when all the guests meet, mix up and pamper themselves with
sumptuous food. On this front, you need to decide on number of guests, followed
by Venus finalisation and fixing of right caterer. Proper Tent, L...
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Different Types of Dances in Weddings
In India,
any marriage ceremony is celebrated in a grand manner as it happens to be a
special occasion in both the families viz. Bride as well Groom. Typically,
marriage functions comprise of many events scattered over a few weeks and
months. Major events i...
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Music Ceremony
Ceremony or Sangeet ceremony, as the name itself connotes is all about dance
and music as part of any wedding event. It happens to be one of the most
enjoyable ceremonies before the wedding ceremony and is mainly participated by
the women folk of the ...
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