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Out, standing in my field.
Out, standing in my field.
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Well #Twitter  seems to be royally shafted - tried via VPN too, can't even reach status page. Tweetdeck and mobile too. #downrightnow

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Remember when you finally found the tutorial that solved your error? You've got the answer someone else needs.

We've revamped our authorship program – with an increased payout rate and dedicated community editor – in our continuing effort to build a large, comprehensive library of open source and Linux tutorials written by you.

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A magnitude 8 (yes... 8) earthquake off the coast of Chile. Tsunami warnings issued for Chile, Peru and Ecuador. Hawaii pending.

(An "8" is about 23,000 times greater than what hit L.A Friday.).

Evacuations ordered:
Vine Video:
Tsunami Warning:
This earthquake:
All recent earthquakes:
List of M8 earthquakes since 1900:
About the Richter magnitude scale:

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9 in 10 People Report Damaged Relationships as a Result of the Insensitive Use of Technology
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According to a recent study of more than 2000 people, 90 percent report that, their friends or family stop paying attention to them (at least once in a week) in favor of something happening on their digital devices.

In addition, 87 percent say electronic displays of insensitivity (EDIs) are worse and more common today than just a year ago.

90 percent agree, you should not answer text messages or check social media profiles in public, and yet, people regularly witness other committing an EDI while driving the car (93 percent) and at the dinner table (67 percent).

25 percent say EDIs have caused a serious rift with a friend and yet, most suffer silently, while 2 in every 3 have no idea how to confront an EDI.

So how to deal with an EDI offender, here are 5 tips in the infographic which comes courtesy of +VitalSmarts.

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Ha! This is epic.
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