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Vaccines == Bioweapons

Open your mind, and spread the informations to your persons that you really care.

Ask your doctor, what are the side effects from vaccines., and ask your self, "Are really sure that you want to suffer from the side effects ? "

If the doctor cannot answers the questions, and you don't care to ask, and what may going to be wrong with your, then, you are already succesfully 'mind contreolled'
by eugenic's globalists. The bad thing is, you kill yourself with your owrn money....Globalists get richers and at the same time their eugenic agendas are fullfiled.

Throw away all the drugs/medicines which only 'managing' your diseases. These drugs don't cure, but make your body even weaker.

Take natural foods, vitamins and supplements and exersice.

I am sad, globalists sucessufully mind controlled our goverment, to vaccinate our school's chlldren with HPV vaccines. We are destrouing our future generations with our own tax money and our idiocy.

Wake up, stop watching 'mind controlling junks' TV series, and start thingking and learning.

The Role of Immunoexcitotoxicity in Aluminum and Mercury with Dr. Russell Blaylock

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Globalist's agendas...

One of the operators, the well known Bill Gates, is behind the vaccines to control populations growth. These vaccines can make human sterile. That's why we are keep hearing couples who married for many years, but still no kid. So, watch out, what you are eat or what vaccine you are getting...

Feel missing thepiratebay? is not being blocked by Malaysian ISP yet. Enjoy your sailing before ISPs start blocking it :)

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I really wish we have someone like this judge bravely tell the truth in national TV. I really wish I can speak like him to wake up our leaders and peoples and make our country more stronger and peace.

Judge Napolitano.How to get fired in under 5 mins

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If we want BERSIH ... this is a good example. Show our patriotism to our country,... not to individuals or parties.!!

The best thing is, it being ignored by US mainstream media, which are controlled by globalists.

Veterans for Ron Paul March on The White House
Massive Veterans For Ron Paul March Ignored by Mainstream Media

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Free as in Freedom.

My favorite 'guru' :) Picture taken several years ago. :) He also kindly autographed the book which I hold.

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Free in Freedom

Glad to see my favorite 'guru' in my favorite talk show, The Alex Jones Show. :)

Poison in our foods/market

Artificial sweetener which is in most of the sweets, pills, ... It is also addictive and very dangerous to our health.
Search for in Google and Wikipedia.
Aspertame ... or E951


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He is free from the previous High Court judgements, but does it means that he did not 'do it' ? Yeah, he has lots of money to pay good lawyers to protect/defense himself from the charges. So what you think, if someone like us, who has 'little' money and power? Do we have the same 'protections' ?

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+kedai ahamid
This is my latest Antutu benchmark on my stock RAZR :) At least it is faster than average SGN. :)

Tips to get better benchmark result,
Set it in Airplane mode and disable GPS, Bluetooth, ...

IMHO, SGN, SGS2, RAZR, has very identitical performance.
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