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Hello. I am considering a media device that I can load Kodi on. What is a good inexpensive device and what add-ons would one recommend to stream live TV and movies? Thanks.

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A little over a week to go. I am ready.

Less than a month to go. Been waiting all year and ready for the new season. Hell Yeah!

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Ok so I'm not sure if this is the right place for this to be posted. I stumbled upon a linux distro that haas made me want to learn more about it. It is an Ubunto variance that I like. It is called Ultimate Edition. Good forums for answers. 

Hi. I am new to this and would like to know opinions on good design suites or programs to work with. I am not really a coder but can work with a design view where i can read the code. Thanks in advance.

I am new to programming. After reading some books ( not entirely though) and some posts about the different languages out there. I have decided to go for Python. I have some understanding of how to program but would like to find some programs that are already written so that i can look at the code and maybe do some editing for myself just for fun. Any one have any ideas where to get some code for this to be done?

I think i may install this on an old dell xp based laptop and see how it works. if it loads and all the drivers are there i think i will see how a windows based program installs and runs.

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Hello. I am also new to programming with code. I have used software to program life safety systems in my career field. I think i can do this as well. I would like to know about an IDE that is user friendly and can be extended to suit my needs as i learn to do more with the program. Thanks for any input.
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