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AE-BaseApp - App Engine
Google App Engine Base Applications for Python, Java, Ruby, and more!
Google App Engine Base Applications for Python, Java, Ruby, and more!


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AE-BaseApp/Python is nearing the v4 Release.  We have 2 features to finish and most importantly a sanity check study to make certain the architecture will be easy to use as a base application template.

The source at Github has been updated.  Go check it out at 
Source at: and provide us with some feedback about what you think.  Please note we renamed the repo from ae-python to just python.  You will need to update your pointers to continue using the repo.  This was done to be consistent with AE-BaseApp trademark use policy.
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Mark is merging some email changes back into Master, some new features will be released soon!
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Welcome to AE-BaseApp! We appreciate your interest, let us know what you think!

AE-BaseApp currently on revision 4 for AE-Python and revision 1 on all others is a project to create a multi-platform Base Application for Google App Engine. Some benefits of this project is having similar applications to test performance of the different platforms and frameworks. It was clear right away that Python with a light framework like Webapp was superior to Java for the application that doesn't receive lots of traffic. The spin up time for Java would drive just about any user away.

Going forward we hope to have a feature complete Python and Java stack to compare again and also check out which ends up better when a site begins scaling to many requests. We also want to cover some of the popular frameworks to see how they impact performance.

Come check us out:
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