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LinuxCNC 2.5.0 is released! Lots of new features, lots of bugs fixed, much better docs, get it while it's hot!
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Sam Ley
Just in time! Moving my ubuntu machine over to the Asylum to start (slowly) hooking up to the lathe. I've noticed a lot of chatter on the 5i25/7i76 interface board support, which is exciting, too (since without help I'm entirely unqualified to get them working). ;)
any predictions for when we will have LinuxCNC under 12.04LTS?? The old 10.04LTS is a bit problematic to support (e.g. old gcc, boost, and other libs)
We have sim builds on 12.04 already (, but I bet you're asking about realtime builds that can actually control a CNC machine.
That, unfortunately, is probably going to be a while. We currently use RTAI ( to provide realtime services underneath the Linux kernel, and the RTAI folks seem to be in no hurry to support the 12.04 kernel (Linux 3.2). The last "News" item on their webpage is from February 2010...
LinuxCNC has a cool abstraction layer called rtapi, that makes it slightly less painful to switch out the realtime kernel. We've successfully run on a couple of different realtime kernels in the past.
So either someone has to update RTAI to Linux 3.2, or we have to find some other realtime kernel that works with Linux 3.2 and port rtapi to it. Or, I suppose, try to run the Lucid kernel on Precise.
Until one of those things happens, we're stuck with Lucid as our platform.
Hm, that last approach is showing some promise (Lucid/RTAI kernel on Precise). Stay tuned....
The sucky part with using the Lucid kernel is, you don't get the support for new hardware that the real Precise kernel has... All you get is the new Precise userspace.
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