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Feeling Hot Hot Hot
We've been having a real heatwave here in the UK for the past few weeks, but the temperature has really ramped up over the past few days. We've been having temperatures of between 25-30 and keeping Del cool has been quite tough. He absolutely HATES water. H...

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The Hot Dog Campaign
A few weeks ago I received an email from The Dog Express about their Hot Dog campaign . I wanted to write something on the blog about dogs being left in cars over the summer, and this really sad story reminded me to do it yesterday. This poor little pug sad...

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When Kate Came to Stay
This Friday, Kate's parent's were heading to London for the weekend, so we snapped up the chance to look after the little beauty for the weekend. She arrived on Friday afternoon with her bed, lead and a few days worth of food, ready for the fun and games th...

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Our Break in Sunny Wales
We’ve been busy bees over the past few weeks, but we’ve had
so much fun in the process, I thought I’d show you some snaps. Del hogging the ball Trying to win the ball back Waiting for his mini ice cream! Waiting for his meat from the barbeque Enjoying a Fro...

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Borrow My Doggy
I may be late to the party here, but my friend told me about a website called Borrow My Doggy yesterday, a totally new concept which I've never heard of before. The basic idea is that dog owners and people who love dogs sign up and can 'borrow' your dog for...

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Life Lately
So over the past few weeks we've been super busy, which is my excuse for not posting much on here. We've had birthday parties, weddings and other social commitments, so blogging has had to take a back seat. I thought I'd give you a little insight into what ...

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Being in the Dog House
This weekend was my partner's brother's Birthday, so we decided to throw a barbecue to celebrate. His mum is a cake maker, so decided to make her son some wonderful peanut butter and chocolate cakes, pictured below. They looked (and smelled) delicious. Ever...

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Dog Video OTW
Watched this twice and I can't stop smiling!

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Watch Cute Puppies and Earn Money for Pedigree Adoption Drive!
MONEY FOR PEDIGREE ADOPTION BY WATCHING THIS CUTE VIDEO OF PUPPIES! Pedigree is raising money for their Adoption Drive, where
they help dogs that are less fortunate than the likes of Del- the spoilt little
thing! This includes paying for things like re...

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Del features on Doggie Nation's Infographic!
I've got a famous pup! Original infographic on Doggie Nation Del is representing for the Rotties on this infographic!  Last week, Doggie Nation asked if they could use one of Del's Instagram pics for this, and I of course said yes. That's one pretty mean fo...
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