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Worlds Within Verona's Walls by Vivienne Raffaele
The lives of three British ex-patriots
in Verona, Italy, change over the course of one year, in this
episodic novel. It might have especial appeal for fans of English
mini-series or evening soap-operas. The same attention to detail and
colloquial dialogue...

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Return to Glow by Chandi Wyant
The subtitle of this book is A
Pilgrimage of Transformation in Italy , and it falls in the genre
“Women traveling to get over divorce/breakdown/depression/and or
mid-life crisis”, within the sub-genre “Travel to Italy”.
Actually, the book is less the purpo...

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Appointment with ISIL (Anthony Provati Thriller) by Joe Giordano
This Ludlum-esque international
thriller stars an Italian-American man, east-coast Anthony Provati.
His parts of the fast-paced story are told in first-person narrative,
as Anthony manages to get himself into a bad situation that quickly
escalates into a h...

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Dreaming of Venice by T.A. Williams
Advertised as a feel-good-read, the
young woman at the center of this story goes on a fairy tale sort of
adventure and is rewarded with a fairy tale ending. Her journey is
picaresque, with twists and turns in her path to romance and
financial security. Sh...

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I Am John, I am Paul by Mark Tedesco
This historical novel is a first-person
account by the titular John of his adult life in the Ancient Roman
Empire in the fourth century. The subtitle of the book is A Story of
Two Soldiers in Ancient Rome , because John recounts much about the
life of his ...

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Shepard Avenue by Charlie Carillo
Shepard Avenue is billed as a
coming-of-age novel about a young boy who has to deal with a heck of
a lot of loss of loved ones in a very short space of time.
Coming-of-age novels tend to have an episodic structure, and this
book is not different. Instead ...

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Abruzzo Intrigue (Hardy Durkin Series) by Bluette Matthey
This is one for Italophile fans of the
vicarious-vacation sub-genre of mystery books. Readers travel to
Italy's central-eastern Abruzzo region and visit many of the top
sights along with a hiking tour caught up in the crime capers of
various persons in Abru...

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Accused by Mark Toscano
In Accused, the reader meets the
Corsaro brothers, Fabrizio and Roberto. The brothers alternate the
telling of the crime story in a first person narration. Fabrizio, a
self-indulgent, superficial, sadistic man is one character I did not
enjoy reading from...

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Living in Italy, The Real Deal
The ex-pats in this memoirs about
moving to Italy come from The Netherlands. The couple purchased a
property and renovated it into their new home, and two rental
properties to provide an income in their adopted land. European
Union legislation makes their...

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Omnibus Italian Romance and Passion by Jayne Castel
These are four realistic-feeling tales
whose romantic stories begin, as many modern love stories do, with
passion and a strong physical attraction. However each couple
featured in the stories has the potential build their relationship
into a more loving an...
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