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Goan Connection
You must have heard about the Goan connection and specially how happy they feel upon seeing each other or even when you hear Konkani distantly. Inadvertently you walk upon to that person with this broad smile and a question...tumi goychi? :) In our society ...

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50th Wedding Anniversary
My Parents will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary on 4th July 15! 50 years of marriage..of togetherness..of highs and lows and so many incidents, circumstances that they might have rejoiced or overcome. I had this wish that I would see my parent...

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Ubha & Aadwa Tilak pratha
Tilak is worn on the Ajna Chakra, the
center of forehead, on the space between the eyebrows. Tilak is applied on the
point at which the third eye or the spiritual eye is believed to open. All the
actions of humans are governed by this specific point. App...

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Is personal expression acceptable in public
Many times I come across this in People are talking on phone and before disconnecting the phone..they will say things like "I love you" " I miss you" so on and so forth. How do we look at this scenario? Is it approp...

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I wish to have..
I wish to do few things that I have been thinking up for last few weeks/months...Let me see how many of it I really go on to do! My immediate one would be to have a kitchen do I go about it? Of course internet is there :) I hope to come back to...

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Is it easier to handle issues when....
I have observed that one feels more at command or comparatively more confident to take decisions that does not impact them directly. If it did, the same person's thinking capacity is impacted at least by 25%! Yes, he/she gets more desperate to achieve closu...

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I had two incidences happening in last month that was lot of learning for me...1) Sanam having a fractured collar bone and 2) My parents stay with me. So much excitement and happening, pulsating that I do not wish to write here all that happened. It will tu...

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This June, 6th June to be precise, Senoritas completed one year. It started with a concept of being in touch with wonderful ladies in my life whom I have met by destiny :)  And I am fortunate to have them at various stages of respective lives where I person...

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Missed Resolution..
I remember making a resolution last year that I will be very punctual with my bills n receipts and appropriately update them for tax claims and benefits. I remember buying files and pocket folders so that I can sort my bills and keep them. Two months in to ...

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How to react to this?
For every question, situation, statement, remark, if the other person has explanation that you know is not logical....what do you do? :)
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