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So You're Going to Mexico Tomorrow
You know that thought you have when you book your holiday
and go for the more expensive option because you think, ‘I have plenty of
summer clothes, they only get worn about twice a year I don’t need any more,’
and then by that same evening you are internet ...
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So I jumped on the band-wagon
It was not days ago I had promised myself that I would never
give into the current obsession with Birkenstocks. I just couldn’t understand
the appeal, surely they were comfortable but if comfort were a reason to buy
shoes we’d all have been dragging our not...
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These are just a few of the songs that i can't stop listening too right now. I thought i'd share them in the in the hopes others would give them a shot to if they haven't already, enjoy!
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A Refreshing Break From Floral
Now don’t take this the wrong way, floral prints are an essential
part of any girls’ wardrobe but I, like many others, was getting bored of
seeing the same tired old trend resurface every spring/summer no different than
the year before. This is why I am cur...
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