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Long time no post!!!!!
Hello BatPeople!! it has been almost a year since I have posted on this blog. I have been focusing on my new blog  which has been a big failure so I decided to come back to this blog!! To say sorry  have decide to post c...

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LEGO Batman 3 DLC
For the latest LEGO Batman game, WB Games have included 6 DLC packs for the game. That's amazing because this is the first LEGO game to have more than two DLC packs!!! The DLC packs include 40 additional characters. It also includes additional achievements ...

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Awesome pics
Since I was bored I made cool pictures for my blog. Which do you think is the best.

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5 Gaming Universes I would Explore
5. Minecraft I would love to explore the Minecraft universe because it is truly amazing!!!! 4. Uncharted 2 Uncharted had one of the best game environments and I loved it. 3. Skyrim The Skyrim universe is very beautiful and it is awesome. 2. Mario I would ex...

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Random gaming questions
So, i will be posting five random questions which you, my fellow gamers must answer in the comments bellow!!!!!!!!!!! Q: What is the weirdest glitch you've seen in a video game? A: An enemy sinking(on land) in AC4. Q: Have you twerked in Minecraft? A: Yes. ...

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Disadvantages of being a gamer kid
So the release of The Last of Us Remastered reminded me of how crazy the game is and the age rating of it, so here are a couple games that kids shouldn't (or aren't allowed to play) play but do because they are awesome. The Last of Us  Well obviously I woul...

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                             Batman Arkham Knight has been delayed and it will be released in 2015.

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Lego Batman 2 Review
So to start off this game is not another Lego game, this game is the FIRST Lego game to include full voice acting. The story starts off with Bruce Wayne getting the Man of the Year award but Joker ruins it all by causing havoc and stealing Bruce's award and...

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Lego Movie Videogame Review
Hi everybody today I will be reviewing The Lego Movie
Videogame. A simple description for the Lego movie video game is fun. The game
does not have as much open world as Lego Marvel Superheroes but it has hub
worlds. Each hub world has its own secrets which ...

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Minecraft cake recipe!!
Hi I'm going to be posting on this blog now as well as my own blog ( Nintendo Stuff ) and in a past post ( 9 awesome gaming cakes ) there was a pic of a Minecraft cake cake (no, I didn't make a mistake), but here is a recipe for a better one by Gourmet Gami...
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