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What on earth is going on with Firefox!? They've been through 3 beta versions in the last year

I hope they've plugged up their horrible memory leaks with beta 8 or else I'm staying on Chrome
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Aren't they on Firefox 25 now? They took Google's idea of minor updates creating new version numbers, but they didn't realize how confusing it can be to release a new numbered version.
After Firefox 4, they switched to an accelerated development cycle just like Chrome has. In other words, it's not that they can't get it right, it's that they're sharing improvements with users faster than before.

For a detailed comparison of browsers, check out this write-up from Tom's Hardware:,3037.html

Spoiler: Firefox 7 wins :)

I can't find it now, but I also recently saw a comparison which pointed out that Firefox uses more memory on startup but Chrome hogs more memory over time. This matches my experiences as well. I had started to use Chrome a lot more, but over the past year or so I've noticed it feeling increasingly sluggish.
+Charles Willis: The biggest issue, I think, is the fact that Firefox updates don't happen entirely in the background yet. Users don't even notice Chrome updating, whereas each Firefox update is seen.
I run my pc 24/7, and for a while I was running firefox and chrome side by side, my experience was the chrome was far more reliable and consistent with memory usage. A few weeks ago I had to stop using firefox because it was literally running away with my memory, I'd get home from work and find my computer wheezing like an old man as firefox was maxing out its ram while just maintaining open tabs.

Running both again now, will be interesting to see how 8 goes
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