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This is not surprising. Not intended as a partisan plug. It's just that numbers don't lie, ever. Politicians do, however. Always.

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What a fantastic-looking galaxy.
A collision of two galaxies has left a merged star system with an unusual appearance as well as bizarre internal motions. Messier 64 (M64) has a spectacular dark band of absorbing dust in front of the galaxy's bright nucleus, giving rise to its nicknames of the "Black Eye" or "Evil Eye" galaxy.


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A number of salient points are made on a rather tough issue.

Ultimately, while there is still a chance of a surprising surge from the campaign, the most damning mistake Romney has made is his utter failure to reject the takeover by the extreme, fundamentalist elements of the GOP. Now he is doomed to represent (to the rest of the country) little more than being one of the privileged white christians who want to make everyone live according to their religious sources of obligation, hold utterly incomprehensible views about women and minorities, continue to worship ever-increasing economic inequality, and expose America to extreme criticism around the world for an almost inherent xenophobic fervor that alienates us from the world.

I think this is why so much of his campaign ultimately falls flat outside the camp--he's trying to continue pandering to a group of inhospitable, unappeasable zealots who are as out of step with American (and human) history as the Flat-Earthers, and he's terrible at faking it.

Had he possessed some shred of conviction regarding his views, I think this would be a very different campaign--one which would not have Romney as the contender. The whole campaign almost reads as a cautionary tale about the consequences of pursuing political ambition, as opposed to offering a sound plan for leading the way forward into the night.

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The Economist has a pretty solid debate happening with regards to whether home ownership should be discouraged.



Closing: Wednesday

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From an interview with Zizek: 

“Yeah, because I’m extremely romantic here. You know what is my fear? This postmodern, permissive, pragmatic etiquette towards sex. It’s horrible. They claim sex is healthy; it’s good for the heart, for blood circulation, it relaxes you. They even go into how kissing is also good because it develops the muscles here – this is horrible, my God! It’s no longer that absolute passion. I like this idea of sex as part of love, you know: ‘I’m ready to sell my mother into slavery just to fuck you for ever.’ There is something nice, transcendent, about it. I remain incurably romantic.”

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"Incredulous reaction to people's idiotic bullshit" ≠ "Pretentious, condescending asshole".

Having been the recipient of the latter moniker many, many times, a pattern has emerged that is worth noting--each and every time, it is when presenting a litany of actual facts that exist in stark opposition to some idea, thought, or belief another is advancing without any strong evidentiary support.

It is worth betting there is quite possibly nobody anywhere who has ever been assaulted by someone's unwarranted beliefs, theories, or ideas, carried high above established knowledge, who has responded by calling the person with the unsupportable beliefs a "pretentious, condescending asshole".

So take heart. It takes a strong body of evidence to earn that title.

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Do you know Python? Ruby? ObjectiveC/iOS?

Looking for a brilliant & fun girl/guy in love with the above.

Message me. Seriously. This is not a joke. It's a paycheck-included full-time gig.

Also, if you know someone who knows someone like this, please share the post with them or let them know.
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