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François Piette

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OpenCL 1.2 for Delphi, fractal demo, Delphi 10

I have updated a sample application published by +André Mussche showing how to use OpenCL with Delphi. My update is for OpenCL 1.2 and Delphi 10 (And all other recent Delphi compiler), fixing all AnsiString issues.

My updated source code is available at

Original post by André Mussche is there:éMussche/posts/eWcipK16MV7?cfem=1

1) The original application was written by Maksim Tymkovich (niello) and Alexander Kiselev (Igroman)

2) OpenCL 1.2 for Delphi has been developed by Michal Pohanka

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DirWatch: Delphi 10 in action
In this article, I will show you how I used Delphi 10 Seattle to create a nice application aimed at watching a directory tree. Background: I frequently use shared directories as repository for files. Some user on the network just drops the file in the direc...

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This is my city!

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ICS updated for Delphi XE6
ICS has been updated for Delphi XE6. No new feature, just a simple update for the latest Delphi version. VCL and FMX supported for desktop platforms. Mobile still under way. Download as usual. See Follow me on Twitter Follow me on L...

Delphi XE6: Form designer option page is blank!
Anyone else seeing it?

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If you have 10 minute for a good cause, please fill the Survey that has been setup by my daughter for his master thesis. Thanks a lot.

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Engineering vs Management
Looks legit.

I would like to use a classic Windows style for a TEdit under Android. I mean the 3D look of a TEdit.

Is there something like that already existing?

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Anyone having already tried XE5 with BeagleBone Black single board computer running Android Jelly Bean? At US45,- this single board computer is like Raspberry Pi but with much better specs and able to run XE5 program (I think so because it has a Cortex-A8 processor with Neon extension).

Any thought?

FYI: link toBeagleBone black
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