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Martin Mora
Martin Mora is Owner of Expertise Inc Website Design and Internet Marketing in North Platte NE. Since 1999 Martin Mora has helped businesses meet their online and traditional marketing goals.
Martin Mora is Owner of Expertise Inc Website Design and Internet Marketing in North Platte NE. Since 1999 Martin Mora has helped businesses meet their online and traditional marketing goals.

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As map functions become more common place, expect to see more quality mapping solutions from smaller companies out in the world.  This article gives a few examples.
On a never ending quest to map the world, Google Maps has been adding new features and information lately to try and work towards this goal. With the ability to do local, national, and international searches, see street views, businesses and amenities and so much more, it seems that Google Maps may be king.

However, with Bing Maps and other competitors also making some big changes and threatening their biggest competition, is it possible for someone else to outdo the Big G in the wide world of maps? Check out the latest news on Google Maps and feel free to sound off below!   #Google   #Search    #Mapping   #GPS  

Google Maps Now Has Driving Directions In North Korea

Founder: OpenStreetMap Already As Good Or Better Than Google Maps

Google Maps App Now Showing Uber Ride Options, Lane Navigation, Offline Maps

Google “Mapping” Real World With Incredible Precision For Self-Driving Cars

No Joke: Google Maps Brings Back “Search Nearby” Feature

New Google Maps “Digital Timeline” Shows Street View Images Dating Back 7 Years

Image source: +Wallpaper Series 

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Boromir Visitcounter
Everything You Need To Know About Google's Enhanced Campaigns (So Far) 

Haven't migrated to enhanced campaign in AdWords, yet? Or maybe you just need a bit of help.  The big switch happens Monday, July 22, and we've got you covered.

Below is a compilation of tips, tricks, questions, and answers of everything you need to know for the big change happening Monday. Are you ready? #PPC

Best Practices for Google Enhanced PPC Campaigns

3 Advanced Tips for Bid Adjustments in Google Enhanced Campaigns

Geographic Targeting in an Enhanced Campaign

Enhanced Campaigns: Offer Extensions & Local Targeting Explained

How To Conduct Ad Tests In Enhanced Campaigns

Should You Create Ad Group Sitelinks in Enhanced Campaigns?

Single-Keyword Ad Groups: Maximizing Mobile Performance With Enhanced Campaigns

Smart Geographic Segmentation & Bidding With Enhanced Campaigns

Goodbye Enhanced Campaigns, Hello Bing Ads

Google Says No To Phone Numbers In PPC Ads, Forcing The Use Of Call Extensions

(Image courtasey of +LunaMetrics)

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We have such a good photographer on staff. :)

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Study: Frequent “Smartphone Shoppers” Buy More Than Others

Considerable research has already established that smartphone owners use their devices heavily during offline shopping and “pre-shopping” activities. Now Google is out with new sponsored research that reinforces the message and adds a few new insights. The study’s insights come through both surveys and observation. Read more about the study here:
Study: Frequent “Smartphone Shoppers” Buy More Than Others
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Personal responsiblity is not enough.  Government representatives, appointies, and employees at every level enjoy payroll, medical insurance, and benefits that greatly outway those of similiar skillsets in the private sector.  Personal culpability should walk hand-in-hand with government office.

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as a business and IT consultant it's great to see someone at the top of the food chain who is willing to get a good ideas for many places. Great article. Definitely recommend.
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