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Got a problem? Don't panic, just call me! Do call before coming out!
Got a problem? Don't panic, just call me! Do call before coming out!

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Well that's fabulous to see the Dell 13 7310 Chromebook has dropped off the Android Play Store list. Thanks for nothing Google. I bet most Chromebooks made before mid 2016 will drop off it too in time.

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Please note I work from home and don't have a shop.

Please call before coming to see me to make sure I'm in or I will do the work.

Please check my prices on my website.
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Anyone else feel the whole Android Apps for the greater number of Chromebooks has all gone a bit quiet of late?

There doesn't seem to have been any great progress for months. I'm thinking Google might be about to pull one of it's great "abandon" stunts.

I would have thought more progress would have been made by now.

I have to say it really is worth your time to invest in a Quick Charge 2 or 3 charger for your mobile phone. Often the ones supplied with your phone are not that powerful and will take 2-3 times longer to charge. Amazon have plenty from Aukey or Anker for around £10. They will also charge up those powerbank batteries far better too.
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Please note that it is actually quite difficult to give an accurate price for a job over the phone, without actually seeing the machine in question. The quicker I can get my hands on it, the better able to judge the costs involved.
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Building custom machines, upgrading older ones. Improving people's Wi-Fi with more modern standards. All keeping me busy.
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FYI those of you with the Dell 13 Chromebook I did some testing on the SSD's that come as standard. The 16GB SSD delivers 40MBps Write and 270MBps Read. The 32GB SSD delivers 80MBps Write and 390MBps Read. So if you pick up the 32GB Lite-On CS1-SP32 cheap on Ebay, you will get a slight performance boost. Also helpful to know the baseline if you are planning to buy another larger SSD. I now have a Plextor 64GB which is even faster.

Please if you decide to use my services, call ahead to make sure I am home. I often go out on jobs and might not be there if you decide to drop round. Thanks
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A lot of people ask if I do data recovery. Yes I do. The cost is linked to how much data recovered usually. You may also want to bring along another external USB hard drive to copy the recovered data onto, as I won't be copying 300GB of data onto 69 blank DVDs. Life is too short for that!
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