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Re: EBOLA - the big news I keep waiting for is the simplest: ARE SURVIVORS THENCEFORTH FULLY IMMUNE?  It is the most important thing we aren't being told! (Perhaps because it is not yet clear; there are too few survivors in the West, to test and those in Africa may be hard to find.) If the answer is 100% yes, then we have thousands of survivors in West Africa who should be recruited into the front lines. They would be able to care for new victims efficiently and should be commensurately rewarded. At minimum they can donate plasma for some of the new treatments.

Why are news media ignoring this crucial factor? Much depends on this one thing. If survivors are fully immune, then this disease will be inherently limited and the main factor controlling any outbreak will be cultural… whether people in a region understand a survivor’s obligation and step forward.

See my Hugo runner-up story "The Giving Plague."  AT:

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Estonia's e-residency is an interesting concept. One the one hand, it's like a PKI system for commerce but it appears to be more.

Wondering if e-residency may serve that goal by increasing number of foreign people with Estonian ties they give a damn about what happens to this tiny country.

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From Bacteria To Us
Eukaryote Life Self-Sustains
with the help of BACTERIA

Are we the sum total of our chemicals in our cells? We are the result of - and distinguished by the behavior of those chemicals which comprise our constituent parts and the prokaryotes which exist in relationship to them.

I would bet you thought all (or even most) bacteria is bad for you? Most of it isn't. Most of it is symbiotic. Only about 5% of the bacterial population which lives in your body is pathogenic. The other 95% is natural and it is necessary. Without it, you would not survive. The mistake doctors make is too often killing good bacteria and too many antibiotics and wide-spectrum antibiotics will cause them not to work when you may need them.

Each of us has about 10 trillion human cells which are outnumbered by 100 trillion bacterial cells.

Biologist and author Dr Lynn Margulis, the first wife of Carl Sagan, who is also brilliant theorized a mutually beneficial relationship with bacteria called endosymbiosis - where both the host and cohabitating bacteria provide benefits to each other. At first the preponderant view was to reject her theory, as the scientific community has done on other occasions - after years of scientific inquiry has gradually accepted this view.

Bacteria is not classed as a species, yet there are tens of thousands of strains and they have been around for over 4.5 billion years and changed very little from their original form - because they don't utilize sexual recombination like eukaryotes. For 80% of the time line of the planet prokaryotes (bacteria) have been the only life and without microbes there would be no eukaryotic life and it is estimated that bacteria is 5 to 20 times the total mass of all aquatic and terrestrial animal life.

Without Bacteria There Would Be No Human Life

Hank Roth
(on the internet since 1982)

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Wow!  They are making a movie of the classic Heinlein story.  THE classic time travel story.  From this trailer, it seems they have tried very very hard to stay faithful to the basic structure and logic of RAH's tale.  Though from what I can see, they embellished several added layers of plot.  Nothing wrong with that, per se!  You have to, in order for a movie to work.  (Just as you must CUT layers from a novel, to go to film.) And from the clues, it seems likely they've done so pretty well.  I am looking forward to this.

Still, the tasty way this story - and other great stories - leave you breathless and hanging, with a TONE reverberating in the air... that aspect cannot survive the expansion.  All you can do is hope there will be enough filmic art to make up for that.  They are different works. They are different works. They are different works. They are different works. They are different works. They are different works. They are different works.

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Looking to buy some #bitcoin now that the price is down? Make sure to check out some of these recommendations first before choosing a bitcoin exchange. 

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Good advice, especially for people needing non-US keyboard input. Some platforms natively support such input. Some don't.
Major mobile device platforms allow users to replace built-in keyboard apps with third-party alternatives, which have the potential to capture, leak and misuse the keystroke data they process. Before enabling the apps, their users should understand the security repercussions of third-party keyboards, along with the safeguards implemented by their developers.

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Prefer the MacBook. More options, includes ways to improve security.
Well this is awkward Apple.. 

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Great essay on critical thinking and how the term is so often misused, especially by teachers.

Great observation:
<< Criticism is always about the world and not about you.>>

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I liked the film, putting aside the science glitches. Despite some grim moments, the film is overall optimistic about human possibilities.

There are a couple of moments with ethical/moral WTF but the script presents some explanation of the reasoning.
Just saw LUCY with my family Friday night.  Now, first off, I am a Luc Besson fan — though I always make sure to tune down my IQ and mental age dials, whenever I go to see one of his films.   I did that for LUCY and was rewarded by having a very good time.  Though on this occasion… alas… well, this film was kind of tragic, because the IQ downshift should not have been necessary!  Look, I am not looking for something as deeply thought provoking as Leslie Dixon's wondrous screenplay for LIMITLESS...

... but just five minutes of dialogue-doctoring could have shifted LUCY's “we use just 10% of our brains" howler (that offended so many) into some much more plausible-sounding blather that we could more-easily shrug off.  A little work with some sober science-advisers and hard SF idea guys could have soothed you nerds out there enough to make this film a real success. Likewise, some of the most "magical" scenes could so easily have been replaced with equally cool tech-manipupation stuff.

Having said that... LUCY has many moving and thoughtful scenes, along with gobs of Luc Besson's trademark fun. And it does not go for the cheap idiot plot that is so common these days -- that all our human institutions, neighbors and professionals are useless fools.  Indeed, most are portrayed here as fairly smart and trying very hard.

Especially, in the penultimate scene, when Morgan Freeman holds the super USB drive containing… well… no spoiler. But it represents a notion that is unabashedly Faustian and friendly to unlimited human ambition.  That is refreshing, compared to the cliched, Crichtonian-nostalgic rant against science that pervades most media.  I saw this also in the lovely-gentle film HER.

The crux? I found myself won over more than I expected to be.  Many good aspects of the film far outweighed howlers — like the ditzy villains. This is what Luc Besson does. As in The Fifth Element, this film is like a golden retriever who jumps on your lap and licks your face and pours love all over you until you surrender.

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