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Rémi F
French developer. Likes : Tech, Moutain Bike, 3D, Beer, mountains and more! :)
French developer. Likes : Tech, Moutain Bike, 3D, Beer, mountains and more! :)

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As Lollipop arrives on more and more phone, a direction must be chosen for Data Settings. Since Lollipop, data activation/deactivation setting is not more at the same place than 2G/3G setting. About 2G/3G switch, is it usefull ? What do you prefer ?
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Acess to 2G/3G setting
Acess to data control setting

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Shopper v6 has just been uploaded for beta testing.

What's new :
- UI polish
- content management completely rewritten using a ContentProvider (see source on for more)

Please comment on original.

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"Android UI Patterns: The new Google Maps design - content first."

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Shopper v5 has just been uploaded for beta testing !
If you had not already done, just hit the link below to subscribe to the beta program and receive the last version.

What's new :
- little UI polish on list (I will buy a beer to the first one who find the difference !)

This version might be released in prod while the next one will have some change in the architecture, adding a ContentProvider to nicely handle the data.

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Shopper v4 has just been uploaded for beta testing ! Please follow the link to opt-in. You will receive the v4 app on your device as soon as it will be available.

What's new :
- UI polish with cards style

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Really nice one!
#AndroidDesign   #ADiA  

This week on Android Design in Action, +Nick Butcher, +Adam Koch and I did a deep dive on the now ubiquitous action bar pattern. We touched on:

• The action bar's general organization and layout
• How it adapts to different screen sizes and device form factors, with different dimensions, the split action bar mode, and support for devices with hardware menu buttons
• The contextual action bar
• The various view control types, including tabs, spinners, and navigation drawers
• How to choose which action buttons, and how many of them, to show on-screen (the FIT scheme)
• Key styles for branding and other tips on styling the action bar
• When to use the 'overlay' action bar style
• Common types of custom action views, including a refreshing indicator, expanded search view, and share pack
• Done + discard

As usual, the slides used in today's episode are attached to this post, and you can catch the full recording on YouTube here: Android Design in Action: Action Bar
Android Design in Action: Action Bar
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Et ben c'était très bon! :)

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Ça envoie du lourd ! :)
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