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It is official: MySQL listens to HTTP and speaks JSON. MySQL got a new plugin that lets HTTP clients and JavaScript users connect to MySQL using HTTP. The development preview brings three APIs: key-document for nested JSON documents, CRUD for JSON mapped SQL tables and plain SQL with JSON replies. More so: MySQL 5.7.4 has SQL functions for modifying JSON, for searching documents and new indexing methods! Slides:

Schleswig-Holstein: Der SSW behält seinen Sonderstatus | ndr
Weiter Tauziehen um syrische Chemiewaffen

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PoC: Using a Group Communication System (Isis2) to improve MySQL Replication HA

I had given up on the idea for a good while already. Then came the Isis2 Group Communication system. I invested three days to have some fun with C#/Isis2 respectively not to have much fun with MySQL C/C++ plugins. MySQL Replication HA could be made so much more user and client friendly - including automatically reconfiguring clients - if MySQL only had a GCS at hand... yeah, you can do that with XYZ too but where is the nice out-of-the box feeling a plugin approach could deliver.

Off for the evening. Happy Hacking!

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Did you ever wonder a distributed database works? During my todays talk at the International PHP Conference 2013, I tried to sold my company notebook and my private laptop together in my session "DIY - A distributed database cluster, or: MySQL Cluster". Eventually, I failed: Lenovo computers are not soldering friendly. Maybe, I lacked theory? Luckily, I got slides with me.... On atomic commit, atomic broadcast, virtual synchrony, quorums, ... all the neat stuff. I could have made a direct comparison Galera vs. Cluster but that would have been marketing fluff. And, I wanted 0% marketing fluff slides:

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Hier kommt die Gute Nacht Geschichte quasi live vom PHP Summit.... NoSQL in MySQL - das muß doch ein Märchen sein, das ist doch ein Kasperletheater, mal ehrlich... so geschah es denn auch heute abend. Und wehe, irgendjemand verrät, daß ich den Kindern Vodka als Schlaftrunk eingeflösst habe!

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Open Source Data Center Conference

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»Late 2012 it became clear that Oracle MySQL would be releasing the 5.6 upgrade RSN. As we already had the beta running productively since summer 2012, it was clear to us that we would need the ability to roll this out widely once it became Generally Available as a stable release.

Unfortunately, at that time the server count was well in the four digits and rising in preparation of the 2013 high season.

So we needed to make the move from automation to orchestration, being able not only to create new database servers without touching them, but also to deal with a replication hierarchy capacity as a service: How many servers can we move out of service at once for upgrade, how to we automate load balancer configuration, how to we validate an upgrade, warm up databases and move them back into service without creating load impulse responses or similar problems?

We came up with a solution that involves bittorrent to distribute data inside the data center, and some work queue that orchestrates automated systems maintenance reliably. We were able to do the upgrade technically in less than three days, and then decided not to go actually that fast - but upgrading became a normal operational process instead of being a crisis.«

»Kristian Köhntopp currently works on architecture and scaling projects at His professional experience stretches from working at MySQL AB to being a Securityfuzzi at and a builder of large mail systems at NetUSE AG.«

Bin am PHP tippeln für meinen PHP Summit Vortrag zu MySQL 5.6 Memcache Plugin, Handlersocket und Co. - Tickets gibt es bei den bekannten Vorverkaufsstellen.

Hui, die Notebooks frühstücken den MySQL 5.6.10 GA Build in zwei Minuten, der Desktop braucht 15 Minuten. Die Notebooks höre ich kaum, der Desktop macht dem Staubsauger Konkurrenz.

Alle Welt redet von MySQL 5.6. Für mich ist es gedanklich bereits veraltet.

Jetzt habe ich ein Notebook ohne optisches Laufwerk und eine Win7 DVD. Wie wird daraus ein Notebook mit Win7 Installation?
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