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The comment entry field on +YouTube vanished today, when they implemented their new look. I can see that other people can still enter comments, because there are comments on new videos, but I am not among them. I guess I'll just stop watching videos without downloading them, since the only thing I can still do on the site is plus or report a video.

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Via +Irreverent Monk​
Rep. Barbara Lee, whose patient lobbying led to a new bipartisan consensus for overturning the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) that has underpinned the endless “war on terror,” called out House Speaker Paul Ryan today for his decision to remove her amendment “in the dead of night.”

I've been saying that the AUMF needs to go since it was passed. The President may be Commander in Chief, but Congress has the exclusive right to declare war.

It's obvious that Paul Ryan has misplaced his manhood somewhere on the DC Metro, never to be seen again, and rather than reclaim possibly the single biggest power that Congress has, decided to do something underhanded in order to make sure that the chimpanzee in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania retains control of that power.

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In particular, policy 4-223 says that officers should manually activate their cameras “prior to any use of force. If a [body-worn camera] is not activated prior to a use of force, it shall be activated as soon as it is safe to do so.” It also says that officers should turn on their cameras during “any contact involving criminal activity,” “any contact that is, or becomes adversarial,” and “any citizen contact.” All of these rules indicate that the cameras should have been rolling before police shot Damond.

But it’s one thing to have these rules on their books and another to get officers to actually follow them. The ACLU of Minnesota, for its part, on Monday called for Minneapolis police to add potential penalties for failing to follow the policy “to ensure better compliance and accountability.”
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