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TrendsSpotting: Researching consumers digital behavior
TrendsSpotting: Researching consumers digital behavior
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This supersonic jet ditched windows for massive, live-streaming screens:

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(Mon05) You can now pre-order APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur--How to Publish a Book. In this book, +Shawn Welch and I explain how to write, publish, and market a book.

APE will ship in one week on 12/10/12. To thank you for your pre-order, here is a free copy of What the Plus!, my book about Google+.

Please share this post as far and wide as you can. Thanks!
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"Trends and Innovations in Mobile Accessories” TrendsSpotting Research Report

Based on exploration of over 2000 new accessories released since Q3 2011 + CES 2012 and a comprehensive analysis of the major consumer and design trends characterizing this growing market, TrendsSpotting Trends Research has identified about 150 recently released products that reflect new emerging trends in mobile accessories. In this research TrendsSpotting defined the major mobile accessories categories according to unique utilities, and profiled chosen innovations based on consumer and user experience characteristics.

This extensive research has brought us to gain a better understanding of how this 30 billion dollar market is developing and where it is going. The report includes a market analysis in the domains of power, protection, entertainment and smart solutions integrating apps with hardware.

Major findings:

1. The largest shift in the mobile accessories market identified by TrendsSpotting is no doubtfully marked by intelligent capabilities made available with mobile apps.

The mobile accessories market has changed dramatically during the last 12 months, since consumers have largely adopted smartphones, and apps download has become a popular behavior. It is no longer a market of cases and skins but of smart devices supported by intelligent apps. With the increased use of mobile apps , new opportunities lie for hardware accessories that complement the mobile device. Mobile accessories can now provide smart solutions that were not available before: location tracking, sensors and monitoring devices are put together to allow smarter management systems for homes, transportation, fitness and health care.

2. Protection: The high value of the smartphone device (compared to feature phones) makes it rational for consumers to invest in its protection. As competition in this market strengthens, case makers understand they need to provide more advanced solutions such as charging capabilities and storage, as part of the case.

3. Charging: With phones following the consumer everywhere, we see a large variety of charging solutions: from simultaneous charging and battery boosts to wireless charging and alternative power sources, consumers can now make sure they will never be disconnected.

4. Entertainment: In the last year we have witnessed a growing trend of mobile accessories that enhances the capabilities of smartphones: its visual and audio features are upgraded to provide a more developed entertainment device, used mostly for games and music. With upgrading such capabilities, the smartphone becomes the center of entertainment in homes and on the go.

Major trends analyzed in this report:

Consumer and design trends: Traditionalism, Hands free, Wearable devices, Storage, Soft and stiff materials, Fashion, Universal solutions, “On the go”, Wireless, multifunctional, daily tasks and activities monitoring, and more.
User experience trends: Upgrade, Self expression, Effortlessness, Optimization, Lifestyle.

Products and Markets: Batteries, Cables, Cases, Games and toys, Stands, Mobile Apps, Mobile health and fitness, Monitoring devices, Music, Photography and cameras.

About the report:
The report “Trends and Innovations in Mobile Accessories” can assist mobile companies in their search for emerging trends, competitive advantages, market opportunities, inspirations for new product development, partnerships, design requirements, and can provide updated comprehensive market knowledge.
The report is presented in 100-designed PPT slides, which include product images, names of brands and companies, and current consumer prices.
At the end of the report you can find the latest market trends analysis. This includes:

Market Trends Review - solutions and major players
Mobile Accessories - market statistics
Mobile Market Statistics - smartphone handsets, wireless charging, application download, mobile health.

More info and purchase details:

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Sample report: Trends and Innovations in Mobile Accessories

I think Facebook purchased Instagram so people can look nicer in their timeline..

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Slideshare notified us that TrendsSpotting has reached 1,000,000 views!

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Liron- a good friend of mine, and an amazing person who contributed her life to the middle east peace process has just passed away. May she rest in peace. Read a tribute from the UN Interpeace

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Read and wrote notes +Guy Kawasaki "Whats the Plus" - Google Plus Guide Book
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