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Michael Darque

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So soon it will be Official I have left the Right Wing Resistance NZ
Here are my reasons so there is no rumors
1/ I Am very sensitive to light and most if not all meetings and marches are in the day and wearing a balaclava in the middle of the street would scare even our lil Aryan kids.
2/ I am a firm hard believer in the Aryan Bloodline,
This may get some confused but most should understand as the true Aryan race is almost extinct due to crossover and infidelity this is a concern and that hate wont help.
3/Hate is strong and it powers the opposing forces against all Aryan Brothers and sisters it can even consume us.
And i wont no part of hating on anyone.
4/ If one is of the Aryan Cause no matter what name they use they are Brothers and sisters I will back em whether for the Reich or the Right i will come to their aid Population we are only 8 percent of the worlds population I will back all Aryan.
5/ The Brotherhood Of Aryan Truth is about the Freedom of Our people caught in a racial battle with those who wish to destroy the truth of the Aryan Nations and would like to see all Aryan Folk enslaved into a system where everyone is farmed for Corruption. 
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Michael Darque

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Hold up, Heil brothers and sisters of Aryan Blood
Yes the Governments of today all over the world want to ban
everything to do with Adolf Hitler and of Aryan Mind set.
And yes the Jews want it all in their favor.
But Heres the problem for them that is, I am of Aryan Blood and so is my sisters my brothers my heritage and my life I will not give my history up I will not Bow to a Jew Filled Government i will not shake the hand of Islam and most of all I will die for my family in protecting my heritage my brothers and sisters and That Aryan Life
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Michael Darque

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New Zealand's Elections are coming and flyers n lairs have already spewing out their crap.
And yeah i know i am of the Right Wing so dont need to be told
But i look at the options out there.
Labour Party NZ Vs National Party NZ and then all the little  parties that jump in to fill them seats and stir the pot.
I have noticed this so far all of them are avoiding the Race Card execpt for the Mana Party that is about Maori Sovereignty with their front line unit being the Socialists Aotearoa Movement.
These are the clowns that decided to knock down one of the northern wolves while at a anti TPPA march and the thing that has really got me up in arms is that member of our Clan was on crutches after having a major surgery on his leg (bloody Cowards) So There isnt really an option for any of the lefties they are all talking BS again and have no real respect for the NZ folk But then whats new.
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Michael Darque

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Legalized Substitute Cannabis and herbal highs

Horrific cost of taking legal highs: Mother releases shocking picture of her son, 20, on his deathbed after he suffered fatal heart attack from smoking herbal substance
Jimmy Guichard, 20, died in hospital within hours of taking a legal high
His mother Karen Audino and MPs calling for ban on sale of herbal drugs
'I just don't want his death to be a waste, I hope it will help in proving what these legal highs can do and get the laws changed on selling them,' she said

Teenager Anesha Stratton wakes up at least three times a night to smoke synthetic cannabis.
The Blenheim 19-year-old will be admitted to a detox centre in Christchurch next Friday, Valentine's Day, after realising that she can't give up legal highs on her own.
Fairfax Media understands she will be the fifth patient at the Kennedy Detox Unit at Hillmorton Hospital to be treated for synthetic cannabis addiction.
Stratton smoked legal highs for less than a year before the habit got out of control in September while she was living in Nelson.
"I'd wake up during the night with hot and cold sweats," she said. "I had to have another smoke so I could stop feeling sick."
She wasn't hungry when she was sober but ate when she was high, causing her to vomit every morning when she woke up.
She used her benefit money, about $210 a week, to pay her board. The rest went on AK47, a type of synthetic cannabis that has since been taken off the market and replaced with Thai High.
At her worst, Stratton smoked 3 grams a day which cost $20 and gave her up to 50 hits using a bong, she said.
"The initial high only lasts 10 minutes, so you'd just sit around all day and continually smoke it."
She lost motivation for anything other than getting money to fund her habit and her weight dropped from 55 kilograms to 48kg.
By October, she was behind in her rent and was kicked out of the boarding house.
She didn't tell anyone about her addiction because she was ashamed,

There are many more like this and the worst thing about it is Here In NZ its legal to have a herbal high shop in Manurewa right next to a family doctors surgery and in front of a bus stop that is known to be a high school drop off point.
But then in Auckland city there are over 15 shops selling herbal highs to everyone including under aged children.
Keen sportsman Jimmy Guichard, 20, suffered a heart attack and severe brain damage within hours of taking one of the herbal rushes in Kent.
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Michael Darque

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Innogames A German owned web MMOG (The West) has wiped my profile due to the Word Aryan  and after numerous attempts to find out a simple answer all i got was the words we don't allow supremacy groups to advertise of the Innogames platform. Yet after looking thru many of there towns in all of there worlds there are over 500 towns active that are Supremacy Groups including 4 known black hate groups known to have ties with the Black Panthers South Africa the same group to have attacked raped and killed many white farmers.

The Aryan brotherhood of truth isnt about hate or supremacy at all its about finding out the truth of our bloodlines ranging back to the early 1500bc.
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Michael Darque

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I am going through figures and i see something terribly wrong
I see the in world war 2 there were From 65 to 85 million lives lost
in the entire war. I see that the amount of 6 million Jewish people and i look at the amount of 9,000,000 German people who lost their lives and i wonder. To be Honest and straight forward i am confused on why the Germans were Given such a bad reputation when you break those numbers down through the countries involved i would have said Compare those numbers to the rest of lives lost and the so called 6 million Jews Holocaust is just taking away the truth here Nazi Germany held up against over 40 to 50 million invaders.
A Country that stood against the corrupt coalition that stripped the German people of their freedoms I would have to say they are the real heroes of World War II and that history makes out that Nazi Germany should hide in shame I say Stand and be proud as ONE COUNTRY Stood up against many and stood firm all the way right down to its leader.
How Many other country's would do that today.
They dont they would rather beg borrow and steal or threaten with nuclear War.  And lets not forget what happens when one country bombs a lil naval base on American Soil  lives lost in hiroshima 100,000 on the initial blast and between 50,000 to 70,000 after the blast and lives lost in Nagasaki were 42,000 persons and injured 40,000 more. And most of that being civilian yet no American leader was brought up on war crimes.
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Michael Darque

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okay so i just watched a TV show called Americas book of secrets.
Now if you ask me i personally think its a government scare monger tactic. Because if you look at the Facts on the terrorist episode they not once talk to the so called terrorists but always have the law their to give their statements.
And to top the whole thing off the Show more or less makes out that everyone is a terrorist in the USA  showing normal every day folk as a most likely terrorist. In other words sorry for those Aryan Brothers who just want their country back but everyone outside of the States don't pick America for your holiday coz you might be walking into a terrorist or someone who thinks your and puts one between your eyes. Heil  
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Michael Darque

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Now thats Hot
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Michael Darque

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Today i have changed the look this is about the truth being set free,
No longer will i sit but that i shall stand in honor in respect and in ore of Our  Aryan Nations as a whole. Brothers and sisters of Aryan blood we need to come together and show the truth of our people.
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Michael Darque

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We live in a time where distrust seems more common than loyality
This has came about from those whom have been burnt and shoved to a side in their lives.
The Law lives on the dis loyalty of others, They have even publicly announced that most of the time its a rat that will catch the cat not the other way round.
Even so in today's work and social arena, there are those who are willing to do anything to advance, Even selling out their own.

So i will leave this with you to ponder on
And let you all no how to avoid this  happening to you

that way the only person you have to blame is yourself .
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Michael Darque

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This is long but if your looking for truth its a good read
The Aryan nations,
The Aryan nations, who pursued a northwesterly direction, stand before us in history as the principal nations of northwestern Asia and Europe. They have been the prominent actors in the great drama of history, and have carried to their fullest growth all the elements of active life with which our nature is endowed. They have perfected society and morals; and we learn from their literature and works of art the elements of science, the laws of art, and the principles of philosophy. In continual struggle with each other and with Semitic and Turanian races, these Aryan nations have become the rulers of history, and it seems to be their mission to link all parts of the world together by the chains of civilization, commerce and religion.
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Michael Darques Confession
I live in South Auckland NZ and I am a member of the Right Wing Resistance.
My Life is my family my church and my people.
I don't hate anyone Even those who think its okay to hate on organizations set out to promote the well being for their children and generations to follow.

Here's a thought: If an African American rose his fist high, Many would say he was promoting Freedom.
If a White Man raised an open hand high, Many would call him a racist. Same action different response.

Who is a hater: I hate No Man due to his skin color but due to my membership in the R.W.R. people call me a hater Just because i believe in keeping my family safe and keeping our White heritage free from hate trash.

In my church i am ostracized for being white My family is to afraid to attend as they have seen machetes taken to church and have seen fights in the chapel.

In South Auckland there is the Island Way. Usually between Samoan and Tongan, If they don't get their way its a war, but if others stand up against it then they are considered haters.

R.W.R. South Auckland wont bow to the Island Way and wont be intimidated by them either.
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