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Dave Lawrance Photography
Landscape photographer based in Cumbria, UK
Landscape photographer based in Cumbria, UK

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New 2013 Calendars from
I have just added 2 new calendars to One is a Yorkshire Dales calendar featuring exactly the same images as the Redbubble version, but at much lower cost.
The "Northern Landscape" calendar features a selection of my favourite Lake District, Cumbria, and Yorkshire Dales images.

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Some of my favourite landscapes, mainly of The Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, and Northumberland. Prints, framed prints, greetings cards, etc, of all these images are available from my Redbubble Gallery.

On this day in 1997....
15 years ago (8th February 1997), my first personal photo web site went live. Using the massive 10Mb web space provided by my web host Demon Internet.
Things were very different back then. Internet Explorer was on version 3, and Netscape (remember them?) were still charging for their browser. Photoshop was at version 4. Google hadn't even registered their domain name then.
Pretty much everybody was on dial-up (no broadband of course) so it was somewhat challenging to produce a photo web site that would load quickly enough.
WYSIWYG web editors were in their infancy then, so my first efforts were produced using Notepad, before moving onto Frontpage, then Dreamweaver.
Few photographers had web sites back then, but since there was nothing like Flickr, if you wanted to display your images online, you pretty much had to do it yourself.

Multiple Card orders:
Following a question from a customer about the cheapest place for multiple card orders, I did some investigation. Obviously you have to factor in both volume discounts and postage charges. I expected Greeting Card Universe to be cheaper, but actually found that for orders over 10 cards, Zazzle are actually cheaper.
For 1 card, GCU= £2.56, Zazzle= £4.77
For 10 cards, GCU= £21.75, Zazzle= £20.00
For 20 cards, GCU= £41.04, Zazzle= £28.10
For 50 cards, GCU= £83.13, Zazzle= £63.20
For 100 cards, GCU= £143.55, Zazzle= £115.70
While I could of course set my Zazzle markups higher, (GCU markups are fixed by them), that would make them too expensive for small orders I feel.

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New image added to 500px:

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An old favourite added to 500px...

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A Christmas present from Nikon - 64 bit Capture NX2!
I'm sure I wasn't the only one surprised by the release of the 64 bit version of Nikon Capture NX2 (Version 2.3.0). They could have held it back for NX3 and a paid for upgrade.
While I haven't done any scientific testing it certainly feels much faster in use, and reports on the web seem to concur.
In particular, I can now make use of the "Keep all steps active in edit list" feature, which was previously virtually unusable on my machine.
There is also a new version of ViewNX2, though that is still 32 bit.

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Just joined
I have just signed up with the photo community site It may not be perfect, but certainly a far better S/N ratio than Flickr.
Here are my first few images...
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