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Eden Advanced Pest Technologies
A Leading Company that Offers Green Pest Control Solutions
A Leading Company that Offers Green Pest Control Solutions

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With all this rain, flooding is a concern. So are rodents - here's why.

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Spring is here, and so are the ants. Do you have tiny flying ants in your bathroom? They're called moisture ants and we have some information for you:

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Ever wondered what "natural pest control" means and how you can help? Take a peek here!

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Are you thinking about joining the latest trend in urban agriculture? Here's some information about pest control and chickens!

Another wonderful compliment! Client said- "I love Chuck! He's a wonderful worker, he's conscientious, kind, & friendly."

A compliment for our office staff! One customer's A/P department said that "Kristin is always so helpful every time they call. She is just wonderful!”

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Disclaimer: deer not covered on your standard pest control program. Especially if you feed them!

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It flies, it stings you, and you don't really care what it is, you want it gone. Chances are, it's not actually a bee. Here's a blog to help you figure out what's buzzing around your yard.

Per a fabulous client: "I have to say the last guy that came out here, Nathan, he is awesome! That's the best service I've ever had."
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