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Know Anyone Using Closed Captioning on TV? New research is leading to great improvements in user experience.
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It would have been useful if they would have added an example of their breakthrough with the article.

On a sidenote, I did quite some work on captioning in large commercial video games.
+Martijn van der Meulen I know! I looked for a picture but found none. I think we can keep up with it by noting the Paper numbers and searching ACM archives. I get it electronically and will post any news. Proceedings of the International Conference on Multimedia. DOI: 10.1145/1873951.1874013
Richang Hong, Meng Wang, et al. “Video Accessibility Enhancement for Hearing Impaired Users.” ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications. DOI: 10.1145/2037676.2037681
+Robert Roodvonk I was sent to Munchen to study harp when I was 17 and I learned to speak German by watching tv. Was there for four years. Where were you?
+annabelle m I know right? I also love reading so it doesn't bother me and I don't miss things, especially if there is an accent. I watched East Enders one whole season just to see if I could accustom my ear to understand! :-)
I'm deaf and can only watch TV/video/YouTube if it's captioned. Some closed captioning is better than others, all of it is static-meaning it's primarily presented at the bottom of the screen. It can get very tiring reading captions and following the action, especially if people talk fast or if it's a dialoge-intense movie or if the action is fast. Takes a lot of concentration.

I'm not sure the dynamic captioning will be an improvement. I anticipate issues with the eyes having to locate the text. Now, I can focus on the bottom where I can anticipate the text, read it (fast!), then look at the scene before it changes. If I have to hunt for the text position, then read it and look at the scene I may miss one or the other.

Also not sure whether the different coloured text is an enhancement. I really don't need emphasis in the captioning. The action itself gives that to me. In that way, it's kind of like reading a book where our brains add emphasis to the characters' voices.

I would dearly love to see a sample.
+A. Andrews Yes, we have been talking about needing a sample. I know the paper was presented at one of the ACM (Association of Computing Machines) conferences and as a member, I get the electronic mag so I will watch to see if I can find out more. :-)
+A. Andrews actually didn't have anything to do with their research - just read about it cause I am a computer sciencer. Don't confuse me with the smart folks! But I will let you know of any progress. :-)
I'm not meaning to be pushy. CC is near and dear to my heart because without it, I cannot watch visual media, and so I latch on whenever I see something that would be an aid. I do realize you're just the messenger but still, networking can have the most interesting results :)
+Robert Roodvonk Tried to but wasn't talented enough (My parents were very disappointed) so I then went to Lebanon and got interested in Arabic philosophy - didn't graduate but had a wonderful time (before the war) was there almost four years back and forth. Came home and went back to school in US for a "Real" career! I learned to ski at Garmisch Partenkirchen; terrifying! Told the cute guy I was skiing with that I could ski and we went up the expert lift. I spent the whole day hiking down and hiding from him - ended up with pneumonia. Ah, so glad I am not a teenager. :-)
+A. Andrews Absolutely! My dad had to use CC so I know it is important. AND that is what we are all here for to network and make friends and improve our lives by sharing information. Did you see the story that I posted elsewhere about my friend who got the coclear implant and all the hilarious stuff she did to me?
No, that one surfed past me in the stream.
This is wonderful! Captioning is like curbcuts, one of those accessibility interventions that helps unexpected people in unexpected ways.
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