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Terry Koberstein
I love the outdoors, Science, and religion. I have a fantastic family.
I love the outdoors, Science, and religion. I have a fantastic family.

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Lake Tahoe
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Week 87 September 29 - October 5 2014
Just a few random things to mention this week. A while back I showed pictures of a bridge under re-construction.  It had this green beam, that we thought would indicate a heightened bridge.  We were wrong it is a construction aid to make a crane to lift mat...

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Week 86 September 20 - 26 2014
October is nearly upon us and the temperatures and humidity are just starting to moderate.  This is a welcome change.  The real hard thing is humidity, living in the western United States, where it is almost always dry, it had been hard to get use to it.  E...

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Week 85 September 21 - 14, 2014
Monday we had invited Akemi Tsukano and here parents over for a lunch and games.  Here we are at lunch.  It was a lot of fun even though Akemi took longer to eat than the rest of us as she was the only translator.  The games were Yahtzee and Panda Chopstick...

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Week 84 September 8 - 14, 2014014
Monday evening we biked to Lake Ezu to scope out where to part our bikes and run.  This was the evening of the Harvest Moon and it was beautiful.  Here is a photo I took showing the reflection of the very bright moon on the lake. During our Frequent trips t...

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Week 83 September 1 - 7, 2014014
Monday was the first day of September, amazing, how time flies.  It seems like we were just looking forward to our son's visit and now it is over and well past. I started off the week with a 5K run.  It was a good run and I got a personal best with a 9.02 m...

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Week 82 August 25 - 31, 2014
It has been a slow photo week here in Japan, but on Friday we were invited over to an investigators house for dinner and a message.  She always serves sushi. Here is our dinner fare: Here I am eating eel, there you go Weston, I did it, as well as many of th...

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Week 81 August 18 - 24, 2014
It has been a great week, but not nearly as active as the week before when our son, Weston was here. It is an honor to wear the missionary badge in our work here.  A little scratched and worn but it's been 19 months.  Under my name in English is my last nam...

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Week 80 August 11 - 17, 2014
Once upon a time a son named Weston came to a far far away place to visit his parents.  We tried our best to show him many special places in Japan that we have come to love and some new ones.  The first day was Sunday and we expressed our thanks for his vis...
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