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Sylvia and I had fun on our anniversary. God was so good to give our world the gift of music! :-) And His grace is . . . amazing!

After years of wanting to do it, my first sheet music is published! (Arrangements of this song for violin and cello are in the works too—plus more new songs!)

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I have their current 2i2 and it's awesome. Would you like one of these?

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In case anyone else is needing a new USB flash drive too, here's what I found when I researched thumb drives recently: This SanDisk drive is super small, super fast (reads 130 mb/s write 85 mb/s), and super inexpensive: about 10 bucks for 16GB. Hope this helps someone. :-)

I read a Signs of the Times  article this morning that had a tremendous insight into how to practically live the Christian life. It said:

 "In these days, persecution and reproach for Christ's sake are scarcely known. Very little self-denial and sacrifice are necessary in order to put on a form of godliness, and have the name upon the church-book; but to live in such a manner that our ways will be pleasing to God, and our names registered in the book of life, will require watchfulness and prayer, sacrifice and self-denial." (ST 5/1/1884) 

As I read this I thought, Those are my two goals: Living in such a way that my life will be pleasing to God, and having my name registered in the book of life. And here are the keys how to do that!

* Watchfulness
* Prayer
* Sacrifice
* Self-denial

When I think about it, on days when I can see my life was unpleasing to God, I see that it was caused by one (or more) of those things being missing.

What do these four things mean to you? 

As a follow-up to my last post (we should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise):

     "Are we as a people asleep? Oh, if the young men and young women in our institutions who are now unready for the Lord's appearing, unfitted to become members of the Lord's family, could only discern the signs of the times, what a change would be seen in them! The Lord Jesus is calling for self-denying workers to follow in His footsteps, to walk and work for Him, to lift the cross, and to follow where He leads the way.
     "Many are readily satisfied with offering the Lord trifling acts of service. Their Christianity is feeble. Christ gave Himself for sinners. With what anxiety for the salvation of souls we should be filled as we see human beings perishing in sin! These souls have been bought at an infinite price. The death of the Son of God on Calvary's cross is the measure of their value. Day by day they are deciding whether they will have eternal life or eternal death. And yet men and women professing to serve the Lord are content to occupy their time and attention with matters of little importance. They are content to be at variance with one another. If they were consecrated to the work of the Master, they would not be striving and contending like a family of unruly children. Every hand would be engaged in service. Everyone would be standing at his post of duty, working with heart and soul as a missionary of the cross of Christ. The spirit of the Redeemer would abide in the hearts of the laborers, and works of righteousness would be wrought. The workers would carry with them into their service the prayers and sympathy of an awakened church. They would receive their directions from Christ and would find no time for strife and contention." (Testimonies for the Church, Vol 8, p. 28)

Wow! Let's do it!!!

(Link to previous post:

"Transgression has almost reached its limit. Confusion fills the world, and a great terror is soon to come upon human beings. The end is very near. We who know the truth should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise."

(Testimonies for the Church, Volume 8, p. 28)

I read this warning this morning: "Those who seek to be popular with the world, will not love the testimony of the Spirit of God. They are not sanctified through the truth; and after a brief period of half-hearted service, they will make a decided move toward uniting with the enemies of God. They reject the light, and it is withdrawn from them. In time it will be seen that they are in utter darkness." 

Wow. This has been the story of a number of my friends. Let's not let that happen to us! My hope is that you and I will experience the amazing life that can be ours! 

"It is the privilege of every soul to seek and find peace in Christ. Yet this peace is granted only upon conditions. We must surrender our own ways and wills and plans, and thus put off the grievous yoke which we have bound upon our own necks, and we must take upon us the yoke of Christ, which will bring rest to our souls. 'Learn of me,' says the Divine Teacher; 'for I am meek and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.'  
". . . In our own strength we are indeed feeble; but in the strength of our Redeemer we may be strong. In the midst of tumult we may have quietness and peace. We must believe in him, even though darkness envelop the soul; we must work from principle, rather than from feeling. By this continual, unwavering trust, Satan is baffled and disappointed." (Signs of the Times, October 4, 1883)

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I thought I'd see if anyone else might like this system as much as I do: I've been using Auction Sniper for quite a few years, now. Auction Sniper places bids for me automatically in the final seconds of an eBay auction.  I like that I don't have to sit around waiting for auctions to close, nor am I tempted to bid something up higher than I had originally planned. And having my bid put in at the last second means my bid isn't sitting out there for hours or days tempting people to outbid me. :-)

You've seen it happen: Your eBay bid is still the highest as the auction is about to close. You wait excitedly by your computer expecting to be notified that you've won, but...somehow you've lost. In the last seconds of the auction a new bid has appeared, too late for you to respond. You've been sniped.

Auction Sniper is an eBay sniper that automatically places your bid in the closing seconds of any eBay auction, dramatically increasing your chance of winning. They keep it simple: you tell them what you want to win, and they snipe eBay for you.

So if you ever get stuff on eBay (even like only a few times a year like I do -- hey your 3 free snipes you get for signing up will last a really long time) this is a great service. They've encouraged me to spread the word, so if it sounds interesting, click the link, read up, and see if it looks like something you could use. If it does, you can sign up for free -- you'll get 3 free snipes, and I'll get 3 free snipes for telling you about it (which would be kind of nice for both of us)! ;-)

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Since most people marry in their 20s, why do young teenagers begin to have strong feelings for the opposite sex? Why is a 13-year-old fully capable of getting pregnant and bringing a baby into the world, if she must wait until she’s 20 in order to do so?

Why all these crazy feelings if I shouldn't do anything about them now?

I was thinking about this recently and God shared ...
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