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Never forget that we have Hillary and her democrat thugs to thank for this.

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I use the word 'fascinating' too often, but this qualifies. Untangling the evidence is a bit of a challenge but it certainly SEEMS to once again torpedo the baseless claims of Russian hacking.

I wonder what Warren Flood thinks of all of this ?

For those who wonder (maybe my pet hamster ?) I have stopped using G+ because the new G+ interface which was forced on me has now appeared to be the cause why my Mac has crashed hard at least three times.

Too bad. I really didn't want to support FB but crashing my computer if I leave G+ logged in is not very nice.

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My translation of a truly OUTSTANDING analysis of the Swedish Problem.
Guest Writer Zheng Yang Wu: I chose the wrong country

January 26, 2017
28 years ago I came to Sweden as a guest student, and I chose to stay in Sweden as it was a beautiful country, and Swedish society was prosperous and secure. The people were homogeneous, therefore it was easy to understand each other and to get along, and socially important improvements could be carried out smoothly. There were no ethnic or religious difference, and welfare ensured that no one had to suffer because of poverty. I felt fortunate to be able to move here.

But today, 28 years later, I can not say the same thing about Sweden. In front of my beloved children, I say quietly: Forgive me, Father has chosen the wrong country for you.

During all these years, I have witnessed Sweden's decay. Several of the earlier fine and safe neighborhoods in Linköping where I lived during my first eight years in Sweden are now "vulnerable" areas. I'm scientifically inclined, and I know that miracles do not happen. I know that when all indicators point towards one direction and there is no indication of change, I can not expect anything other than that the trend will continue. Sweden will be a terrifying and insecure country for my children to live in about 15-20 years old when they form their own families and have children. How will they cope?

I suffer while I watch, and I can not help but ask myself why. Why do Swedes want to let their fine country decay? Why is the empty image of a humanitarian superpower so much more important than to pass on a safe society without the risk of ethnic or religious conflicts to their children and grandchildren, so that they are able to live a safe life as we have done?

Eventually I formed my own explanation, and that is what this is about.

I think that the overall cause is the Swedes' general lack of history. I know it sounds harsh, but I have not been able to find a better answer. I hope that my readers can give me a better explanation.

Lack of appreciation of history manifests itself in that so many Swedes take it as a kind of law of nature that Sweden is a rich and safe country, like Sweden has always been so and always will be so, and the Swedes themselves are invulnerable. They think they do not need to carefully tend to their fine country so that their children and grandchildren will inherit it as it was, even less do they appreciate that it is a very tedious task that does not allow for any laziness.

Lack of appreciation of history is also about the Swedes' ignorance of all the ethnic and religious conflicts through human history and the enormous suffering that they created. The Swedes believe they are so much wiser and better, and because they are so kind and tolerant of newcomers the newcomers will be just as kind and tolerant back.

Lack of appreciation of history manifests itself also in the Swedes' lack of insight that power corrupts. Therefore, the Swedes trust blindly in their rulers, even when they come up with blatant lies. They confuse that trust with the trust between individuals. The Swedish power elite has been given virtually free rein.

Lack of appreciation of history expresses itself also in the form of the Swedes' inability to see and recognize the existence of unacceptable traits in other cultures. Nor do the Swedes have a clue that respect also involves the same requirements levied on newcomers as they expect of their own people. The Swedes do not understand that when they treat the newcomers as if they do not have the will or ability to take responsibility, they are actually seriously insulting them.

A hundred years ago, a great Chinese writer wrote about the Chinese patience in the face of enormous suffering: either you are destroyed in silence, or else you explode violently. Now the Swedes are on their way towards such a situation. I know that the Swedes are keen to keep quiet, but will they quietly accept the development so that they eventually completely lose their safe society and life, or they will explode violently as the Chinese did when they welcomed communism, ultimately a huge tragedy for the Chinese people and still today? Sooner or later they will have to make this brutal choice, as every responsible rulers with the interest of the people will have tried the utmost to avoid.

I fear for the future of Sweden, because I suspect that the Swedes will explode. And when that moment the world's least racist people may very well converted into the most racist and cruel.

I expect such a scenario because many Swedes lack empathy. I remember that in the early 2000s, a survey was conducted on immigrant views of the Swedes, and the conclusion was that the Swedes are cold. I have pondered long on what those surveyed immigrants meant by that. Now I realize that there is a lack of empathy.

When I read about things like the honor killing of Rezai Abbas and the raped and murdered Elin Krantz's horrific death, I could not sleep at night. It felt as if I myself had experienced the excruciating pain the victims and their loved ones had endured. I could not help but tell my Swedish friends. But mostly, I could not understand the lack of genuine compassion for the victims. The most common reactions I have gotten are a few simple comments saying that what happened was terrible, and then the almost mandatory speech that "perpetrators are also victims." Ironically, precisely the Swedes who love to talk about "humanism" are the most devoid of genuine empathy. Eventually I realized that the Swedes' humanism is something they have learned that one should have, not something they are familiar with.

Missing the genuine empathy explains why so many ordinary Swedes explain to me how important it is to feel sorry for the perpetrators, while the victims have no place in their thoughts. For the same reason the Swedes like to feel sorry for the healthy young refugee men who have made it to Sweden, but forget the small children and women in UN refugee camps in neighboring countries, without food or clean water because of lack of resources. The Swedish elite have taught the Swedes that it is nice to think this way. (Deep down, they might well think just the opposite. For they also know that they do not want to live next door to someone who has a criminal background, nor do they want to open the door and receive refugees in the home when local authorities are appealing for help.)

But is not real empathy with those who suffer also at the core of humanism? Is it not this kind of empathy that separates the civilized from the savage? I can not help but feel pride in the Chinese culture, the empathy is a central place. My personal opinion is that there is a potential Hitler in every person, and it is only the genuine empathy with the people who can stop them.

People without empathy are dangerous. In Sweden it is believed that Nazi cruelty was due solely to the Nazi party and its extremely evil leader Hitler and his closest. But without the millions of pink-cheeked, empathy-free foot soldiers the Nazis would never have had the power to cause so much suffering. Even if Hitler had not existed something similar would still have occurred when the same circumstances were in place.

In all cultures there are such empathy-less, simple people who just want to do what is good and proper as the powers have taught them. In China we had the communism-influenced Red Guards. They could be unimaginably cruel, precisely because lack of empathy had made them unable to feel the suffering of the victims, and the brainwashing by those in power made them ruthless.

I think when Sweden has collapsed, every Swedish main square will be stained red with blood. I shudder when I think about it, whether the blood comes from newcomers or Swedes.

I just hope that when it happens I have already become so old that I no longer fear death, and my children have managed to flee the country.

NOTE: I hope I am wrong, for I wish that my children can live in a Sweden that is as safe as it once was.

Zheng Yang Wu came to Sweden as a visiting student in 1989 after the Chinese student uprising. He emigrated to Canada in the late 1990s and came back to Sweden again two years later due to longing for the country. Has been scientists, today teachers in science subjects.

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This push for regime change in Russia is really quite disgusting. That is of course what it is, an attempt to justify isolating and destabilizing the Russian government.

Then they want you to believe the baseless claim that the Russians made the Hillary lose the election because the DNC leak showed what a crooked campaign she ran.

Think about it, is that really what you want your tax-dollars to do ?

Really !?

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The Obama, Hillary, DNC propagandists seriously need to be held accountable for all the FAKE NEWS they are spreading.

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The WaPo story about Russians hacking the grid is FALSE NEWS too !

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Not very well written or proof-read but basically accurate.

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And this was the basis upon which Obomber took yet more hostile action against a nuclear superpower !

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The leak was a leak,  not a hack.

What hacking may have taken place was by unknown actors.
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