It's been 4 months since I've posted an update on my Podcast Studio kickstarter project.

Here's a screen shot of the design prototype.
This is a zero latency real time DSP based processor for making professional sounding shows right out of the box.

All you will need is a microphone and a PC.

-2 mic chains (pre-amp+gate+comp/lim+eq)
-PC Audio chain (comp/lim)
-Skype mix-1 (with gate+comp/lim+eq)
-Record directly on your PC
-Analog Out for External recording
-High powered headphone amp (It goes to 11)

All processing can be adjusted with separate gain/ratio/threshold/release)
4 Band eq on each channel

You can independently monitor the master out as well as the Skype mix-1

It comes pre-configured, and is completely customizable for your own environment and sound.

I've been working on a single hardware product for podcasts for almost a decade.

I look forward to seeing how much interest there is for my vision with the kickstarter 2nd week of January.

I also made a short video of the display options:

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